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Top 21 Eve Merriam Quotes

#1. Nothing is more uplifting than a woman's love and nothing is more dangerous than a woman's hatred.

Oliver Blade

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#2. There's no right or wrong in the study of enlightenment. There's only experience.

Frederick Lenz

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#3. They suggested E-meters, Gestalt, eating only high-mineral foods that had been planted during a full moon.

Emma Cline

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#4. Every single moment is your life, so enjoy the moment to enjoy your life fully.

Debasish Mridha

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#5. Man comes from a drop of semen and leaves as a piece of dust. He doesn't know when he came and he doesn't know when he's leaving, yet he walks on the earth thinking he knows everything.

Ali Ibn Abi Talib

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#6. Don't be polite.
Bite in.
Pick it up with your fingers and lick the juice that may run down your chin.
It is ready and ripe now, whenever you are.
You do not need a knife or fork or spoon.
For there is no core
or stem
or rind
or pit
or seed
or skin
to throw away.

Eve Merriam

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#7. I would rather die standing up to live life on my knees.

Ernesto Che Guevara

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#8. My first film, 'Like Minds,' was with Toni Colette, who was extraordinary. I mean it was basically a mini-masterclass for acting on film at a time when all you could probably see were my eyebrows bouncing up and down on screen.

Eddie Redmayne

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#9. Each of us has a responsibility for being alive: one responsibility to creation, of which we are a part, another to the creator a debt we repay by trying to extend our areas of comprehension.

Maya Angelou

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#10. I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask,
Mother, what was war?

Eve Merriam

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#11. Whatever you do, find ways to read poerty. Eat it, drink it, enjoy it, and share it.

Eve Merriam

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#12. Certain remakes are great. Carpenter's The Thing is better than the original.

Alex Winter

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#13. Success is an intoxicant, and intoxicated people seldom have a firm grasp on reality.

Andy Stanley

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#14. Scratch a Jew and you'll find a Wailing Wall.

Eve Merriam

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#15. My wolf-sharpened sense of smell caught the scent of ice-cream cones, of asphalt, of churning ocean, of swirling beer, of first kisses and last kisses.

Maggie Stiefvater

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#16. A good poem contains both meaning and music

Eve Merriam

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#17. Morning is a new sheet of paper for you to write on.

Eve Merriam

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#18. When something is too beautiful or too terrible or even too funny for words, then it is time for poetry.

Eve Merriam

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#19. True life begins when you resolve not to quit, downplay failure, stop apologizing of who you're, and refrain from appeasing others. Begin living!

Assegid Habtewold

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#20. When traditional figures - devils, witches, or hags - are no longer believed in, new ones - aliens, visitations from "a previous life" - take their place. Hallucinations,

Oliver Sacks

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#21. duties. Cooking duty. Dead guy duty. Maybe it's time for me to get a better duty. Nacho Libre, Nacho Libre

Peyton Jones

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