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#1. Brunch, for me, is an extended breakfast that should be enjoyed whenever you have time properly to engage in cooking and eating. - Author: Yotam Ottolenghi
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#2. I see how people boss other actors around to try to get a scene favorable to them. I absolutely just never engage in doing that. If someone's going to do it to me, I just let them have it. - Author: Peter Sarsgaard
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#3. My political mission is as acute as ever. For me, in addition to kind of looking at the world and trying to engage in my society politically, having the kid around sort of makes me check in with myself. I think you're all busy trying to fix the world, but what about yourself? - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#4. I didn't necessarily want to be famous growing up, but I knew I would be a good famous person because I'm not offended if somebody comes up to me and knows things about me and wants to engage me in a conversation. - Author: Nate Berkus
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#5. Character driven stories engage me and when an audience gets to know a character in an unforced way and finds themselves rooting for him or her, those are the kind of movies that get me excited. - Author: Matthew Bonifacio
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#6. Rather than engage in the sort of selective retention that so many investors tend to do and pretend mistakes never happened, I prefer to 'own' them. This allows me to learn from them and, with any luck, avoid making the same errors again. - Author: Barry Ritholtz
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#7. Engage in no pursuit in which you cannot look up unto God, and say, 'Bless me in this, my Father! - Author: Legh Richmond
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#8. My marriage is incredibly important to me. It's the place from which I engage in the world every day, and the place to which I return every day. - Author: Chelsea Clinton
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#9. The main thing is to think strategically about what will engage your readers. Trust me when I tell you that few people are eager to read a story whose opening lines sound like a dissertation on giant bugs. - Author: Darin Strauss
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#10. Bootie Grant Glover! You do amaze me!" Mem stared at her sister. "Do I understand this? You're giving me permission to engage in a romantic tryst?"
"Certainly not!" Bootie pulled to her full diminished height. "I'm merely saying if disaster strikes, I won't abandon you. - Author: Maggie Osborne
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#11. This is my party. This book. The book is good. It asks no questions. The book lets me engage it on my terms. - Author: Kurtis J. Wiebe
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#12. My patriotism and my conscience required me to support it and to engage in the debate over whether and how to fight it. - Author: John McCain
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#13. I work either way, you see - assisted or unassisted - because that is what you must do in order to live a fully creative life. I work steadily, and I always thank the process. Whether I am touched by grace or not, I thank creativity for allowing me to engage with it at all. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#14. Horatia said eagerly: "Oh, you will take m-me instead?"
"No," said Rule, with a faint smile. "I won't do that. But I will engage not to marry your sister. It's not necessary to offer me an exchange, my poor child."
"B-but it is!" said Horatia vigorously. "One of us m-must marry you! - Author: Georgette Heyer
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#15. I think both science and art are impelled by curiosity: What's really happening? How do things really function? How can I really engage with the world around me? These are questions that artists and scientists both ask. - Author: Amy Hardie
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#16. If I had a religious experience, what I know for sure is that I would stop doing philosophy and would start doing religion, teaching classes in religion, preaching in a local church. That is fine and noble activity. But I do not feel entitled to engage in it. So for me philosophy is my fate. - Author: Simon Critchley
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#17. I tend to like poems that engage me - that is to say, which do not bore me. - Author: Mark Strand
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#18. My price is five dollars for a miniature on ivory, and I have engaged three or four at that price. My price for profiles is one dollar, and everybody is willing to engage me at that price. - Author: Samuel Morse
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#19. Caroline, beside herself, dragged me down to her, her breast was against mine, and by a circular movement seemed to caress it. The pretty strawberries which crowned her breasts, jealous at meeting others as fair, endeavoured to engage them in combat. - Author: Felicite De Choiseul-Meuse
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#20. I'm always looking for something to engage my imagination and take me on a little mental voyage. I just want a new topic in my life. - Author: Steve Martin
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#21. Do you know," he said, "there are men who would like very much to see me dead. Powerful men. Obscenely wealthy me. Men who can afford to be patient and engage the services of large, ruthless brutes. I've managed to evade them all. But you ... God's truth, I think you'll be the very death of me. - Author: Tessa Dare
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#22. Because of who I am, when I sit at a poker table, I meet people who engage me in conversation, not only about poker, but also about the movie business and about the world of celebrities. - Author: James Woods
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#23. Cosmopolitanism has offered me an ethical perspective and a conceptual framework with which to read the signs of our times as a theologian and intellectual who has a public responsibility for constantly offering a way to engage in this rapidly changing public world. - Author: Namsoon Kang
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#24. I never engage negatively with reviewers. If someone says something that enrages me, I do what I do on stage. I make a joke about myself and move on. Sometimes people say things that are manifestly wrong or even apparently malicious. That's fine, too. It's a response. - Author: Nick Harkaway
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#25. I believe that, by taking an extreme approach, you really get the public to actively engage with a cause or a research ,and that is what motivates me with space exploration. - Author: Nelly Ben Hayoun
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#26. Hello? Hello, Mom. No, of course you didn't wake me. Don't you know? I often engage in Monday morning orgies In fact, as you called, I was just enjoying an especially thorough rogering from two men named Paolo and Butch. - Author: Diana Peterfreund
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#27. Considering my specialization in architecture, I'm not surprised that the first graphic novel to thoroughly engage, not to say captivate, me is Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor's 'Batman: Death by Design.' - Author: Martin Filler
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#28. Everything I touch makes me a little bit more like the thing I'm touching, so I'd better start paying attention to what I'm touching. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#29. Recording can be enjoyable, but the hard thing is that you don't get any direct or immediate feedback like you do when you play live. Getting to see people's excitement and see them engage in the show makes me excited to get back out and play. - Author: Ben Rector
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#30. I guess it feels to me that the political argument that has been lost in my lifetime is taxation. How do you engage in that debate when people don't trust politicians at all? It is almost impossible to start a conversation about taxation. - Author: Johann Lamont
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#31. What in the world would ever lead to me believe that life is a series of opportunities that are readily available to everyone else but me? What really leads me to believe such an atrocious lie is that I don't believe in myself sufficiently to engage those opportunities in the first place. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#32. They maintain this guilty, defiant refusal to engage: I know you're out there; I know it's awful and I'm safe inside, but I suffered too, so let me just read my Kindle without bloody guilt-tripping me, OK? - Author: Sophie Kinsella
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#33. The purpose of reading is not to pass some final judgement on the text, but to engage with what it has to offer to me now. - Author: Tim Parks
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#34. I'm aware of my audience in a way, and I do try to engage with them while I'm trying to go about my business of thinking. I believe they help me by providing a focus. - Author: David Antin
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#35. I do think that it's a challenge for me or for anybody who has had certain iconic things happen to them in their career to re-engage people and say that there's still more to discover. And also to have that confidence in yourself that you still have more to bring. - Author: Joan Osborne
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#36. When we want to engage, believe me, we can. And not only will we then make fewer mistakes of perception, but we will become the types of focused, observant people that we may have thought we were incapable of becoming - Author: Anonymous
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#37. The question for me is not are we political, but how are we political? We need to be politically engaged, but peculiar in how we engage. - Author: Shane Claiborne
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#38. I was gone so much in my first marriage. I love the moments when I engage with my youngest daughter now. It's not my thing to sit on the ground and play tea party, but I'll do it because it's a moment that will stick with me forever. - Author: Tim Allen
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#39. As for me, even though I have been accused of anti-Semitism countless times, no one has ever heard me make anti-Semitic statements or engage in anti-Semitic behavior. - Author: Jean-Marie Le Pen
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#40. Let me be clear: as I have said repeatedly, I do not believe that all police officers are bad, nor do I believe that most are bad. But there must be a transparent, impartial and fair system to judge those that engage in criminal or unethical acts. - Author: Al Sharpton
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#41. A lot of the issues I faced in junior high was what got me into animation. It was easier to sit on the side and draw cartoons than to engage with people. - Author: Pete Docter
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#42. Sir, no amount of money, no matter how vast, could induce me to stroll, perambulate, promenade, or engage in any form of locomotion with you whatsoever. Good evening. - Author: Jennifer Donnelly
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#43. This may sound like a copout, but character and plot are equally important to me. I don't think the reader can engage uninteresting, compelling characters. Similarly, even interesting characters can't salvage a plot that's boring or that's riddled with holes. - Author: Ed Duncan
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#44. I knew I wanted to engage in the world of the imagination, but it was not economically feasible for me to study acting, so I went to a teachers' training college. - Author: Helen Mirren
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#45. Being in the public eye, there will always be negatives. Those dark aspects will always be there and, so too, those things that will try and tear you down, but I have made the choice not to engage with them. I'm not going to let them affect me or destroy me. - Author: Rain Phoenix
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#46. I like a challenge. The fact that these are secret organizations, and also very important organizations that can engage in abuses that are so important to our national security - all that attracts me. - Author: Ronald Kessler
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#47. I think I make films to help bolster and feed the part of me that wants to remain in a positive relationship with the world and to engage in it. So hopefully in non-sentimental ways, I'm trying to make something that helps make me happy. - Author: Mike Mills
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#48. Writing is a way of life. I do it because it's a way of experiencing the world, and trying to come to terms with it and understand it and express it and engage with it. And to me it's a natural extension of reading. - Author: Emily Perkins
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#49. Travel had taught me that the world was something to engage with, not take shelter from. - Author: Josh Lanyon
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#50. I really try hard not to work, not to engage, because I know what that means. What hard work it is; it takes me away from my family. - Author: Jeff Bridges
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#51. Being able to engage my creativity in a way that makes a difference inspires me more than anything. - Author: Romany Malco
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#52. Talking with other artists is an incredible process. You engage with the work very differently ... a nd different relationships between different works start to emerge. To tap into that energy-to tap into that moment-is great for me as an exercise. - Author: Shahzia Sikander
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#53. The issue is: how do you engage the audience? And one of the things I talk to our communicators about is: The outline is great; the stories are great. But how do you engage them? How do you make it feel like we are on a journey, not you are just up there giving me information. - Author: Andy Stanley
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#54. A wonderful pastor I know once told me, "Perfectionism is the highest order of self-abuse." So now I try to remind myself that if I engage in perfectionism, I am abusing myself. Period. - Author: Ashley Judd
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#55. the master of this person of an excellent disposition. And is remarkable in the ship for his gentleness,and the mildness of his disipline... added to his well known integrity and dauntless courage, made me desirious to engage him. - Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
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#56. So, for me the town hall meetings are really an opportunity to engage in two-way dialogue with people, and they've been very helpful. - Author: Jack Markell
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#57. It always struck me that Africa was, in a strange way, a futuristic place and had elements and vibes and spirits that were going to inform the future. Africa Express is an attempt to engage that power outside Africa, and for everyone to benefit from it. - Author: Damon Albarn
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#58. This is really an opportunity to mobilize a new generation of scholars and pastors not just to equip the saints but also to engage the culture and reclaim it for Christ. That's really what is driving me. - Author: William A. Dembski
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#59. If the future generation has a difficult life, if they engage in war or commit crime it's not their fault, it's our fault because we fail to educate them. So responsibility resides on me, on us, to educate them in proper ways. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#60. Research states that we have a two-week window to act after being inspired by an experience, before the brain is compelled to move on. I have always thought [that while some] documentaries I have seen have educated me, [they] have failed to engage and drive me to act in support of the message. - Author: Sam Branson
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#61. It was difficult for me to feel my feelings, so I just buried them. Then I found that acting was a way for me to get them out. But now that I'm a reasonably sane adult, acting is more about my trying to engage other people: Acting is cathartic for the viewer as well. - Author: Adelaide Kane
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#62. To have people from every continent who are working on philanthropy, on social entrepreneurship, gives me a unique opportunity to engage. - Author: Darren Walker
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#63. Bitter experience has taught me that you don't engage with intellectually superior wankers who make long speeches about moral relativism. - Author: Alexis Hall
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#64. Twitter is incredibly useful. It's a great example of how the Internet is changing the way we engage with information and text. Above all else, this change in the nature of engagement is fascinating for me as a writer. - Author: Steven Hall
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#65. The ability to be present with every single person and engage was a great model for me of the work that a writer needs to do. Writers, living or dead, still guide me in many ways. - Author: Sandra Cisneros
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#66. You have to be courageous in life to allow a lightness to engage your being. It is easy to be a jerk. To be unhappy with all this weird stuff around us just seems to me to be such a waste. That's a jerk. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#67. To me, healing means you have to recognize there is a wound and you try to understand what the sources of the wound are, which means you try to tell a story about how it came to be. So you have to engage in some historical interpretation. - Author: Cornel West
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#68. I think every film I make that puts characters in jeopardy is me purging my own fears, sadly only to re-engage with them shortly after the release of the picture. I'll never make enough films to purge them all. - Author: Steven Spielberg
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#69. I will not engage in verbal controversy with the sceptic, because long experience has taught me that the sceptic's ultimate skepticism is about the use of his own words and the reliability of his own intelligence. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#70. I was busy with my family, my budding career as a TV writer, my antipathy for the Los Angeles Lakers, and my general reluctance to engage in anything that might force me to leave my comfort zone. But sometimes ideas won't let you go. For me, educating girls was like that. - Author: Richard E. Robbins
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#71. More of that hair-raising energy rolled out of Vlad, until I was rubbing my arms to chase the tingling sensations away. Was this what Marty meant when he told me vampires could measure each others' strength by feeling their auras? If so, then Vlad's had Badass: Do Not Engage written all over it. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#72. If I did not speak with people who call me names, I could not engage in politics. - Author: Geert Wilders
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#73. Who has forbidden women to engage in private and individual studies? Have they not a rational soul as men do? ... I have this inclination to study and if it is evil I am not the one who formed me thus - I was born with it and with it I shall die. - Author: Juana Ines De La Cruz
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