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Top 58 Energy And Effort Quotes

#1. The air battle is not necessarily won at the time of the battle. The winner may have been determined by the amount of time, energy, thought and training an individual has previously accomplished in an effort to increase his ability as a fighter pilot. - Author: Pappy Boyington
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#2. With so much at risk, you might expect Australia to be at the forefront of the clean-energy revolution and the international effort to cut carbon pollution. After all, the continent's vast, empty deserts were practically designed for solar-power installations. - Author: Jeff Goodell
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#3. The unions are the first feeble effort to conquer the industrial jungle for democratic life. They may not succeed, but if they don't their failure will be a tragedy for civilization, a loss of cooperative effort, a baulking of energy, and the fixing in American life of a class-structure. - Author: Walter Lippmann
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#4. The only way you can have it all is by delegating all the running of the home to other people - which I don't ever want to do ... So you do it yourself, and it takes time and energy and effort. And if you give it the time, it's profoundly enjoyable. - Author: Emma Thompson
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#5. Future strong strives for simplicity for all:
Least amount of individual effort, energy and time to create maximum impact by each person. - Author: Bill Jensen
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#6. The people in my life are friends I have by choice. I've made a conscious effort to have them in life. I only have the time and energy for so many people, which has cut down my friend group to a handful, but I'm so much happier with fewer good people, who really do know me. - Author: Gillian Zinser
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#7. Imagine what it would be like if we all saw each other as being more similar rather than different - how much less effort and energy would be spent on protecting ourselves and how much more fulfilling our interactions would be with each other. - Author: Clifford Michaels
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#8. I feel a distaste for hunting, first because of a kind of Buddhist respect for the unity and sacredness of all life, and also because the pursuit of a hare or chamois strikes me as a kind of 'escape of energy,' that is, the expenditure of our effort in an illusory end, one devoid of profit. - Author: Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
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#9. Avoid fragmentation: Find your focus and seek simplicity. Purposeful living calls for elegant efficiency and economy of effort-expanding the minimum time and energy necessary to achieve desired goals. - Author: Dan Millman
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#10. Science is not a sacred cow-but there are a large number of would-be sacred cowherds busily devoting quantities of time, energy and effort to the task of making it one, so they can be sacred cowherds. - Author: John W. Campbell
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#11. Mr. Dawkins' assertions are self-refuting- ie. Actual infinity vs. potential infinity easily makes the most reasonable argument for theism and a Deity. Now, the argument for the Creator God of Christianity requires much more time, energy, and logical effort."

~R. Alan Woods [2007] - Author: R. Alan Woods
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#12. Productivity, put simply, is the name we give our attempts to figure out the best uses of our energy, intellect, and time as we try to seize the most meaningful rewards with the least wasted effort. It's a process of learning how to succeed with less stress and struggle. It - Author: Charles Duhigg
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#13. If you have a deep inclination to transmute harm into help and be of benefit to others, whether they live next door or on the other side of the world, you will eventually be connected with the sources of energy and information that will assist your effort. - Author: Doug "Ten" Rose
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#14. Lions don't have to roar. There is power in silence, confidence, and persistence. Those who work don't talk, and those who talk don't work. Handle your business. Measure your efforts by results. Focus your time, energy, and activity on mastering and executing a plan. - Author: Les Brown
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#15. When you read a book put all of your effort into staying present and focus your energy towards the comprehension of each and every word and how you can apply it into your daily life. - Author: Matthew Donnelly
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#16. The crusade to convince us that global warming can only be dealt with by wealth destruction and higher energy prices began with an effort to 'raise awareness,' which turned into some delicate nanny-state prodding before efforts to artificially inflate prices. - Author: David Harsanyi
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#17. All scientists who've looked at it know we have to phase away from burning fossil fuels. That means we've got to put a lot of effort into alternate energy technologies, but we're still subsidizing fossil fuels and not subsidizing most of the alternatives. It's not going to be an easy transition. - Author: Paul R. Ehrlich
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#18. The amount of effort and energy that goes into being an actor is something that I can't compare to anything else. - Author: Sarah Hay
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#19. Bear in mind that appearance is not reality. Some people act like extroverts, but the effort costs them in energy, authenticity, and even physical health. - Author: Susan Cain
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#20. The beginning of a painting is a very energized, exciting time, and it generates most of the energy I have. If I've gotten 75 per cent of it down, then it takes an effort to really get up that kind of energy to finish it in the same way it's begun. - Author: Burton Silverman
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#21. It is all very well and good for Linda Lovelace, the star of the movie, to advocate sexual freedom; but the energy she brings to her role is less awesome than discouraging. If you have to work this hard at sexual freedom, maybe it isn't worth the effort. - Author: Roger Ebert
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#22. 'StrengthsFinder 2.0' is an effort to get the core message and language out to a much broader audience. We had no idea how well received the first strengths book would be by general readers - it was oriented more toward managers - or that the energy and excitement would continue to grow. - Author: Tom Rath
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#23. When your actions are motivated by love, you expend least effort and your energy multiplies, allowing you to create anything you want, with a spirit of play and joy. When you seek power and control over others, you waste energy chasing the illusion of happiness. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#24. I have actual strong ideas. You just have to wait for the right timing. Timing is pretty crucial here. I can't dedicate a lot of energy and efforts trying to, say, create a show that I want to produce while I'm currently on another show. - Author: Neil Patrick Harris
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#25. Spirit. Approach life with genuine zeal, with vigor and energy. Walk a little faster than average. Read a little more. Try a little harder. Be enthusiastic, even about your thoughts. Give everything you do your every best effort. - Author: Joni Hilton
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#26. A person should set his goals as early as he can and devote all his energy and talent to getting there. With enough effort, he may achieve it. Or he may find something that is even more rewarding. But in the end, no matter what the outcome, he will know he has been alive. - Author: Walt Disney Company
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#27. She flashed upon his life with an electric energy, shattering every day's effort at work and leaving a kind of glimmering burning feeling all day and night around the edges of his heart. - Author: Niall Williams
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#28. The trick to not thinking is not adding energy to the equation in an effort to forcibly stop thinking from happening. It's more a matter of subtracting energy from the equation in order not to barf the thoughts up and start chewing them over again. - Author: Brad Warner
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#29. Women can be pressured to be perfect in many ways. And in our efforts to be "responsible" in every way, you might lose time and energy. If you truly want to direct [a film], you may have to let go of pleasing everyone on a consistent basis. - Author: Jennifer Phang
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#30. At Linkabit, we put little effort and energy into patenting things. - Author: Irwin M. Jacobs
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#31. Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time, and energy needed to develop yourself. - Author: Denis Waitley
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#32. The scholar may be sure that he writes the tougher truth for the calluses on his palms. They give firmness to the sentence. Indeed, the mind never makes a great and successful effort, without a corresponding energy of the body. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#33. Alas! it is too true that our souls always contract themselves on the approach of a blessing, and seem as if their powers, exhausted in the effort to obtain it, had no longer energy to embrace the object. - Author: Charles Robert Maturin
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#34. Over the past two years, the Obama Administration and USDA have worked to build a foundation for sustainable economic growth in rural America. At the center of our vision is an effort to increase domestic production and use of renewable energy. - Author: Tom Vilsack
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#35. The study of God requires intellectual effort, historical imagination, empathic energy, and participation in a vital community of prayer (Augustine, Answer to Skeptics). - Author: Thomas C. Oden
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#36. In order to win, we pay with energy and effort and discipline. If we lose, we pay in disappointment, discontent, and lack of fulfillment. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#37. Sometimes I think your face and your bearing and your energy have so much more to do with the jobs you get than the actual work and the time and the effort that you put in, or the talent even. - Author: Elizabeth Reaser
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#38. Who a person is will ultimately determine if their brains, talents, competencies, energy, effort, deal-making abilities, and opportunities will succeed. - Author: Henry Cloud
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#39. First, we need good, stable relations with Russia. Second, we must make every effort to save energy and focus on using various sources to meet our energy needs. We must not allow ourselves to become dependent. - Author: Angela Merkel
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#40. I strongly believe the black culture spends too much time, energy and effort raising, praising, and teasing our black children about the dubious glories of professional sports. - Author: Arthur Ashe
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#41. Ideology trumps rationality. Most conservatives cannot abide the solution to global warming - strong government regulations and a government-led effort to accelerate clean-energy technologies in the market. - Author: Joseph J. Romm
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#42. Drinking caffeinated drinks including high potency energy drinks, and consuming other enablers, we do not need to develop an internal source for the energy, effort, endurance, and enthusiasm needed to confront each day. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#43. I was me. I thought what I thought. I liked what I liked. And I didn't hide much of anything. Life was exhausting enough with all the ups and downs and bullshit people kept trying to feed you. Expending that kind of effort for essentially no purpose seemed a ridiculous waste of energy. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#44. Our decision about energy will test the character of the American people and the ability of the President and the Congress to govern this Nation. This difficult effort will be the moral equivalent of war, except that we will be uniting our efforts to build and not to destroy. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#45. Now I approach climbing differently. I have learned less effort and energy, less obsession, and more feeling, as with piano, more emphasis and less frenzy. - Author: Pat Ament
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#46. Construct your determination with sustained effort, controlled attention, and concentrated energy. Opportunities never come to those who wait ... they are captured by those who dare to attack. - Author: Paul J. Meyer
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#47. Being a decent human being will require effort and energy ... - Author: David Nicholls
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#48. The state of rest is as important as the state of motion. Motion may lead to progress, but motion also leads to collisions and conflict. Motion requires effort and energy. Rest is effortless and undemanding. - Author: Biju Vasudevan
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#49. Our present tax system ... exerts too heavy a drag on growth ... It reduces the financial incentives for personal effort, investment, and risk-taking ... The present tax load ... distorts economic judgments and channels an undue amount of energy into efforts to avoidtaxliabilities. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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#50. The group-effort sound in recording of 'Sea Lion' is like, you really hear all the people in the room and hear them interlocking. There's a real freight-train energy of all these people at the same time playing. - Author: Feist
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#51. It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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#52. Relationships take time and energy, and your job kind of sucks that all out of you. It takes an extra effort to stay present in a relationship when you are working so many hours. - Author: America Ferrera
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#53. While I may not agree with all of President Obama's energy policies, I strongly supported his successful effort to double fuel economy standards for cars and trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#54. Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning. - Author: Denis Waitley
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#55. Our national conservation effort must include the complete spectrum of resources: air, water, and land; fuels, energy, and minerals; soils, forests, and forage; fish and wildlife. Together they make up the world of nature which surrounds us- of the American heritage. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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#56. Experimental high energy physics research is a group effort. I have been very fortunate to have had outstanding students and colleagues who have made invaluable contributions to the research with which I have been associated. - Author: Jerome Isaac Friedman
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#57. We must put effort and energy into anything we wish to change. - Author: Erin Morgenstern
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#58. Bad teaching wastes a great deal of effort, and spoils many lives which might have been full of energy and happiness. - Author: Gilbert Highet
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