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Top 14 Endless Horizons Quotes

#1. We are like the explorers of a great continent, who have penetrated its margins in most points of the compass and have mapped the major mountain chains and rivers. There are still innumerable details to fill in, but the endless horizons no longer exist. - Author: H. Bentley Glass
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#2. I'm in the collard green 6 cornbread in the guts Got the Halloween kicks trick or treat in the clutch - Author: Nicki Minaj
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#3. I hope to do multiple characters throughout my life that are separate from me. I think it's a cop-out if you play yourself in everything. - Author: Kat Graham
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#4. I had been wanting to do a musical for a really long time. I wanted people in New York to know that I can sing. - Author: Missi Pyle
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#5. It's just that no one wants to be the one being rescued, we all want to do the rescuing. - Author: Steven Brust
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#6. And to this day I love endless landscapes, big horizons, sunflowers, and narcissi. - Author: Gisela Hausmann
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#7. Perfume opens endless horizons. It appeals both to the senses and to the imagination. Like an enchantment, it works on an instinctive level and at the same time is extremely subtle. - Author: Nino Cerruti
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#8. People don't know how to deal with stress and depression, so they're nasty to other people because it makes them feel better about themselves. - Author: Kate Nash
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#9. there were two types of people in this world: those who belong to the soil and the good, rich earth, planting their seeds to blossom, and those who belong to the road and the endless horizons, carrying their home on their shoulders wherever they go. - Author: Marieke Nijkamp
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#10. You've only got to begin to do anything to find out how few honest, honourable people there are. Sometimes, when I can't sleep, I think: Oh Lord, you've given us huge forests, infinite fields, and endless horizons, and we, living here, ought really to be giants. - Author: Anton Chekhov
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#11. History is fables agreed upon. - Author: Voltaire
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#12. What ultimately happened is that my country had a war. I think it would be extraordinary, as a writer, not to want to write about that. - Author: Aminatta Forna
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#13. Now we must remark, that there are two parts in the Commandment-the first forbids the erection of a graven image, or any likeness; the second prohibits the transferring of the worship which God claims for Himself alone, to any of these phantoms or delusive shows. - Author: John Calvin
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#14. When the sun sets, beautiful though it may be, billions of stars appear. The ego is but one sun. When that sun sets, there are endless suns, endless horizons beyond it. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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