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#1. When I do a Western, I often wonder what I would have really done in that situation. - Author: Kevin Costner
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#2. Diphtheria struck suddenly, almost fatally. - Author: Walter Terry
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#3. I really enjoy being single again. I spent a lot of time in a relationship and the nearer we came to the end, the more difficult it got. You don't see things clearly as long as you're still involved. - Author: Dido Armstrong
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#4. All women are lifelong members of the Secret Service...So, if you must lie, better make sure you cover your tracks because there is no such thing as a 'dumb blonde'... - Author: Virginia Alison
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#5. His body was worn and weathered, his skin scratched with lines mapping the miles of his life. - Author: Laura Hillenbrand
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#6. Only a fool would attack us. - Author: Vyacheslav Molotov
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#7. I believe joy is a spiritual practice. - Author: Brene Brown
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#8. Beware, ye Gods, for the sun is up and I am awake. - Author: Peter Clenott
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#9. The Nobel Prizes are much more than awards to scholars; they are a celebration of civilization, of mankind, and of what makes humans unique - that is their intellect from which springs creativity. - Author: Stanley B. Prusiner
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#10. A principle isn't a principle until it costs you something. - Author: William Bernbach
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#11. The best way to renew thought is to go outside the human imagination. - Author: Bernard Werber
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#12. Mozart often wrote to his family that certain variations or sections of pieces were so successful that they had to be encored immediately, even without waiting for the entire piece to end. - Author: Emanuel Ax
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#13. I think music naturally wants to be played with more than one person. There's a surprise element, and you don't know what it will be, and it's up to that other person's energy to help create this third thing. - Author: Bat For Lashes
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#14. War made by age and fought by youth while age looked on and applauded and encored. - Author: Evadne Price
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