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#1. But everything is how it should be. How's that for wisdom? - Author: Dominic Smith
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#2. And now about the cauldron sing
Like elves and fairies in a ring,
Enchanting all that you put in. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#3. Unfortunately, we haven't found many very old rocks on Earth because our planet's surface is constantly renewed by plate tectonics, coupled with erosion. - Author: Robert Duncan
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#4. Everyone's like sheep on social media; like, one person starts making noise, and everyone's like, 'Hey, yeah!' and then you got a whole bunch of people making noise at you. - Author: Earl Sweatshirt
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#5. We're flooding people with information. We need to feed it through a processor. A human must turn information into intelligence or knowledge. - Author: Grace Hopper
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#6. Yet now leaning here, till the gate prints my arm, I feel the weight that has formed itself in my side. Something has formed ... some hard thing. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#7. Each multiplex has screens allocated to each studio. The screens need filling. Studios have to create product to fill their screen, and the amount of good product is limited. - Author: Orson Welles
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#8. I didn't go to America to be a star, but to try to reclaim my life. - Author: Lysette Anthony
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#9. There is hope all around us-in every breath, in every raindrop. - Author: Wesley Banks
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#10. For far too many, pregnancy and birth is still something that happens to them rather than something they set out consciously and joyfully to do themselves - Author: Sheila Kitzinger
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#11. And may you always remember that obstacles in the path are not obstacles, they ARE the path. - Author: Jane Lotter
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#12. A majority can do anything. - Author: Joseph Gurney Cannon
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