Top 14 Echosong Quotes

#1. Franchesca and Sharkey, my French bulldogs, have their own blog. And they are brilliant at it.

Martha Stewart

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#2. Late February days; and now, at last,
Might you have thought that
Winter's woe was past;
So fair the sky was and so soft the air.

William Morris

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#3. When you lack self-esteem, people you encounter can feel it like an invisible barrier separating them from you; conversely, confidence helps people to feel connected to you.

Sam Owen

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#4. What takes more courage. To live ... or to die?

Anne Rouen

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#5. Sometimes 'Hmm' is the wisest thing to say.

Alethea Kontis

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#6. Time, too, is a function of Shadow, and even Dworkin did not know all of its ins and outs. Or perhaps he did. Maybe that is what drove him mad.

Roger Zelazny

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#7. I'm very competitive, and I want to win.

Camilo Villegas

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#8. 'Hannity' had a a guy on that said, 'I fathered 20 kids by 14 mothers.' That is s cultural issue which has demeaned our society and has caused our society dearly in terms of imprisonment. Who's going to be the fathers to those children? Who's going to pay child support?

Foster Friess

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#9. But if we love ourselves in the wrong way, we become incapable of loving anybody else. And indeed when we love ourselves wrongly we hate ourselves; if we hate ourselves we cannot help hating others.

Thomas Merton

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#10. Maybe we will meet again in the paths of dreaming, but my heart tells me this is farewell.

Erin Hunter

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#11. A book is like a single tree in a forest, in that it exists in conjunction with and because of a great many others around it.

David Suzuki

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#12. If you are taught how to love, your love is going to be false. Real love should be spontaneous. How can you be taught to love? If you are taught, then you will act accroding to those rules and the natural flow will not be there.


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#13. I have tried for much of my life to write as if I was composing my sentences to be read posthumously.

Christopher Hitchens

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#14. I cannot squeeze the stars; but I can squeeze my mind to feel the moon compressed.

Munia Khan

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