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#1. I graciously survived depression, mental-illness and attempt of suicide. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#2. It is a talent of the weak to persuade themselves that they suffer for something when they suffer from something; that they are showing the way when they are running away; that they see the light when they feel the heat; that they are chosen when they are shunned. - Author: Eric Hoffer
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#3. There are no super saints, only those that don't quit. - Author: Misty Edwards
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#4. Publishers always clamour for the books that no one has ever written, and turn a cold shoulder on them as soon as they're written. If St Paul were living now they would pester him to write an Epistle to the Esquimaux, but no London publisher would dream of reading his Epistle to the Ephesians. - Author: Saki
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#5. Popularity invites criticism, fuels jealousy. It is, for better or worse, human nature. - Author: Chloe Neill
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#6. When you write a script, you always think about what your heart is asking. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#7. So what's your favorite Synism? (Kiara)
Duwad. (Nykyrian)
Which means? (Kiara)
You're not old enough for me to answer that. Hell, I'm not even old enough to say it. (Nykyrian) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#8. I'm cursed with the gift of foresight. - Author: Morrissey
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#9. Werle: "I believe there is no one in the world you detest as you do me."
Gregers: "I have seen you at too close quarters. - Author: Henrik Ibsen
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#10. No matter how great a gift or skill, it's impossible to foresee every outcome. - Author: Mary E. Pearson
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#11. Don't read the sutras - practice meditation. Don't take up the broom - practice meditation. Don't plant tea seeds - practice meditation. - Author: Ikkyu
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