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#1. Your dad called and sent me in with a replacement part. He doesn't want you down for even a second. I'm also here to, and I quote your father, 'Fuck up anyone who comes at you.' (Nero) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#2. Small is good, but none is better. - Author: Juanita Morrow Nelson
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#3. The path to mediocrity is wide; the path to greatness is narrow, and the path to genius is hidden; few find it. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#4. Our editors, I'm afraid, have come to believe that the photograph is an end in itself. They've forgotten that the photograph is only the subsidiary, the little brother, of the word. - Author: Roy Stryker
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#5. The future is an infinite succession of presents - Author: Howard Zinn
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#6. We call on the international community to share equitably the responsibility for protecting, assisting and hosting refugees in accordance with principles of international solidarity and human rights. - Author: Widad Akreyi
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#7. Especially in New York, where things are quite chaotic, I work out to stay grounded. Having that time, whether I'm running or doing yoga I get to challenge myself by creating mini goals and have little personal victories. - Author: Erin Heatherton
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#8. I talked some more, let my tongue wag, let my mind run free, and it felt pretty good. It's a wonderful thing to have somebody in your life whom you can say absolutely anything to. Not to have that is almost unthinkable to me. - Author: James Patterson
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#9. I believe in tradition and innovation, authenticity and passion. - Author: Jose Andres
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#10. No matter how bad your heart is broken, the world doesn't stop for your grief. - Author: Faraaz Kazi
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#11. Try to be an influencer rather just being an Entrepreneur. - Author: Ujjwal Chugh
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#12. In other people's books, I tend to love the really daredevil-y characters. I love Finnick from 'The Hunger Games.' And I think, probably, my favorite character of all time is Sherlock Holmes. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#13. In order to become the master, a ruler must profess to be a servant of the people. - Author: Ashwin Sanghi
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#14. You can't see beauty with miserable eyes. - Author: H.G.Wells
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