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Top 11 Dukedoms Quotes

#1. You have to accept as an architect to be exposed to criticism. Architecture should not rely on full harmony. - Author: Renzo Piano
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#2. Restoring marriages today impacts the generations of tomorrow. - Author: Eric A. Disney
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#3. Because there's someone else here in East Carmin. Someone hopelessly unsuitable. It's all a really bad idea and will lead to trouble of the worst sort. But no matter what, every minute in her presence makes my life a minute more complete. - Author: Jasper Fforde
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#4. Leadership is awakening others to the possibilities and inspiring them to attain them. - Author: Bob Bennett
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#5. Vitamin B proved to be not one vitamin but several, which is why we have B1, B2, and so on. To add to the confusion, Vitamin K has nothing to do with an alphabetical sequence. It was called K because its Danish discoverer, Henrik Dam, dubbed it "koagulations viatmin" for its role in blood clotting. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#6. Take it out, then. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#7. I'm tough, and you know what? New Yorkers deserve that. They work head, they fight it out, they slug it out. And they deserve a mayor or a speaker who's going to do the same. - Author: Christine Quinn
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#8. Suppose the ambassador from the French comes back:
Tells Harry that the King doth offer him Katherine his daughter;
and with her to dowry some petty and unprofitable dukedoms:
The offer likes not; - Author: William Shakespeare
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#9. When I first got into this biz called show, I decided I was going to change my name, make it more Hollywood. And you know how you do that? You take your middle name and the first street that you ever lived on. So when I first started, I actually went by Sue Rural Route 2. - Author: Bonnie McFarlane
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#10. The noble temptation to see too much in everything. - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
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#11. There are always challenges with books , deciding what to include and what to omit. - Author: Patricia Leavy
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