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#1. Like other inveterate womanizers Strike had encountered, Duffield's voice and mannerisms were slightly camp. Perhaps such men became feminized by prolonged immersion in women's company, or perhaps it was a way of disarming their quarry.

Robert Galbraith

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#2. For the fist time since she'd met him five years ago, Zander Duffield looked like a child acting the role of a Titan in a school play
instead of the Titan he actually was.

Suzanne Stroh

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#3. There were several pictures of Lula with Evan Duffield, a few of them clearly taken by one or other of the pair themselves, holding the camera at arm's length, both of them apparently stoned or drunk.

Robert Galbraith

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#4. Strike noticed that, in spite of Duffield's air of disorientation and distress, he had made a good job of applying his eyeliner.

Robert Galbraith

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#5. Apples, grapes ... any kind of fruit gives me the energy I need to get through my busy day.

Kristin Chenoweth

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#6. I had come out of retirement into a very difficult situation with the PeopleSoft takeover, got through it, and was having a good time, frankly. We just ran out of runway at PeopleSoft. Had we had another year, maybe two years, I think we would have made it.

David Duffield

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#7. A leader should have higher grit and tenacity, and be able to endure what the employees can't.

Jack Ma

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#8. I think I've done a good job in the industry from the standpoint of employee morale and customer satisfaction, and as an innovative thinker in tech.

David Duffield

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#9. I can't think again. Not ever again. I don't know if you've ever felt like that. That you wanted to sleep for a thousand years. Or just not exist. Or just not be aware that you do exist. Or something like that.

Stephen Chbosky

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#10. Yeah, I could go rock on the back porch and do crossword puzzles - but I've got six kids, ages 9 to 16, and someone in the family should work. That's me.

David Duffield

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#11. What I want is the general betterment of pets. No-kill is a part of that. I'd like to see that policy enacted at all SPCA-type organizations around the country.

David Duffield

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#12. I'll sweep the floors. I've picked up napkins in the men's room. I'm not above anything.

David Duffield

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#13. I got up to all sorts of things when I was a kid, but I've managed to take the excessive alcohol and fast vehicle combination out of my life now.

Jason Flemyng

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#14. It's a special thing to be a public company.

David Duffield

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#15. The typical fund company services 401k plan participants in the same way that Baby Face Nelson serviced banks.

William J. Bernstein

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#16. With a private company, you've got to get into who's investing and what's the balance sheet like. So going public is a positive thing from the perspective of the sales organization.

David Duffield

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#17. You don't know this when you're young, but over time, you see that great companies are usually built at a special point in time.

David Duffield

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#18. To have a good business, always have a caring heart.

Debasish Mridha

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#19. Flame mails and offensive Internet activities are not classy. It doesn't fit with our culture here, where we respect the gender, race, opinions, ear-lobe apparel and choice of clothing of all employees.

David Duffield

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#20. A dictator decrees," she later wrote, "a president asks Congress for permission to organize.

Denise Kiernan

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#21. Being nice and competitive are two different things.

David Duffield

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#22. I just don't like being overweight.

David Duffield

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#23. I'm sort of a foot-on-the-gas kind of guy.

David Duffield

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#24. INTO HER DARKNESS, a churning synaesthesia, where her pain was the taste of old iron, scent of melon, wings of a moth brushing her cheek. She was unconscious, and he was barred from her dreams.

William Gibson

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#25. We walk together, we move together, we think together, we resolve together, and together we take this country forward.

Narendra Modi

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