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#1. Maybe the natural world wasn't so jaw-droppingly horrible, appaling, nasty, vile. Sometimes nature could be quite sweet, really, as delicate as a confused and horny butterfly.

Scott Westerfeld

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#2. I have come to the conclusion that Tony Blair has finally gone mad ... he made assertions that are so jaw-droppingly and breathtakingly at variance with reality that he surely needs professional psychiatric help.

Boris Johnson

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#3. Nick Zinner has been one of my favorite guitar players for a long time.

Johnny Marr

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#4. Lessening the misery of the past will lead to a brighter future.

Emma Scott

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#5. Corson wrote from Chicago that while he had never heard Hitler speak, he had read the speeches, and he seemed

Sigrid MacRae

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#6. So writing is a very, very difficult position to obtain ... and retain.

Leon Uris

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#7. We do not do well except when we know where the best is and when we are assured that we have touched it and hold its power within us.

Joseph Joubert

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#8. [H]e who spends more than he earns is sowing the winds of needless self indulgence from which he is sure to reap the whirlwinds of trouble and humiliation.

George S. Clason

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#9. The critical period of matrimony is breakfast-time.

A.P. Herbert

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#10. Please just tell me where you are.
His heart hurt with the wanting of it, the hurt no less painful fro being difficult to explain.

Maggie Stiefvater

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#11. Bringing people together is one of my favorite things ... I believed that's what a rock 'n' roll Jesus would really do - bring people together through music.

Kid Rock

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#12. Death is a cessation from the impression of the senses, the tyranny of the passions, the errors of the mind, and the servitude of the body.

Marcus Aurelius

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#13. I'm a big advocate of a work-for-pay setup rather than an allowance that isn't attached to chores - it's a great way to impart the value of money to your children.

Suze Orman

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#14. As the bee collects nectar and departs without injuring the flower, or its color or fragrance, so let the sage dwell on earth.

Gautama Buddha

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#15. I'm always drawn to melancholy personalities.

Rene Russo

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#16. I never went to the gym before in my life. But, at 32, I notice that my body responds negatively to bad food, so I must make double the effort.


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#17. Aw, they're all cuddly. It's like watching grizzlies mate.
Ash from The Gravedigger's Brawl

Abigail Roux

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