Top 10 Drooled Quotes

#1. Although he could have been wearing a seventies lounge suit and she probably would have drooled over the polyester.

J.R. Ward

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#2. You drooled all over me."
She glanced at his shoulder, and a smug smile played across her lips. "Don't let it go to your head. I assure you it wasn't because you're irresistible." She gave his thigh a quick pat.

Cate Beauman

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#3. What I didn't expect to see was Alex, wearing nothing but a tight pair of black boxer briefs and a red velvet bow around his neck. I swear I almost swooned. I definitely drooled.
"Oh my God. I'm scarred for life. I'll never be able to unsee that." Jake slapped his hands over his eyes ...

Suzanne Johnson

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#4. My sister really drooled a lot when she was younger. For her wedding, I was going to get her one of those lace drool cups that go around the ears.

Cheri Oteri

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#5. A librarian had found the baby sitting abandoned on the sheer edge of the world; the librarians kept her. That proved shrewd. Nepenthe had drooled on words, talked at them, and tried to eat them until she learned to take them into her eyes instead of her mouth.

Patricia A. McKillip

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#6. Colonialists stole not only the lands of African people and renamed them. They stole also their knowledge, so that they would know nothing about themselves

Motsoko Pheko

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#7. Let us preach grace till humility just starts to grow in us.

Timothy Keller

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#8. Mitt Romney comes from a family of builders.

John Boehner

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#9. Music is energy, and energy is the single most important form of it in the world. Without energy, there is no life. The only difference between a dead person and a live person is the energy, the electricity flowing inside their system, and that's what makes music.

John Frusciante

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#10. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he is going to run for governor on our program last night. My staff didn't know, Arnold's staff didn't know, I was shocked as everyone else. If he doesn't get elected governor, maybe he should work for the CIA. I mean, he can keep a secret better than they can.

Jay Leno

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