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#1. Performing in a live theater is absolutely unbeatable. It is something I have done my entire life and have a gift, it seems, for sharing thoughts live. - Author: Val Kilmer
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#2. Self conquest is the greatest of victories. - Author: Plato
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#3. Relatively few people should start companies. - Author: Reid Hoffman
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#4. As they made their way to the coast, he bemoaned the hotel trade in the manner, Dorrigo felt, that those who love what they do bemoan their passion the most. - Author: Richard Flanagan
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#5. In the last year I have come to understand the traitorous nature of skin. We cannot live without this barrier between our beating hearts and the outside world, yet it is the most fragile of things, as well as the most deceptive. - Author: Sarah Fine
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#6. Being is thoughtless-beyond and beneath all categories of thought. Expression is the realization of creative thought. Being is still; expression, moving. But then if I do not strive, who will? - Author: Zhuangzi
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#7. Heart throbs- yes, heart throbs of happiness, heart throbs of courage, heart throbs that make us feel better. Those things that appeal to others; that note of inspiration laid aside
bring it forth and let us make a magazine that will speak the language of the heart as well as of the mind. - Author: Ami McKay
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#8. Because anyone who treats their body like it's garbage the way he does isn't exactly in the best place to love someone else. - Author: Susane Colasanti
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#9. He read and reread 'Ulysses'. He looked back at Amy. They were the first beautiful thing I ever knew, Dorrigo Evans said. - Author: Richard Flanagan
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#10. Dorrigo glimpsed a complex mud of intimacies normally invisible to the world - the shared sleep, scents, sounds, the habits endearing and frustrating, the pleasures and sadnesses, small and large - the plain mortar that finally renders two as one. Her hair was pulled back - Author: Richard Flanagan
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#11. Sixty years ago the idea of everyone having a telephone in their pockets was science fiction. Our whole way of life is science fiction, if you look at it from the past. - Author: Sam Hawksmoor
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#12. And in the deepest recesses of his being, Dorrigo Evans understood that all his life had been a journeying to this point when he had for a moment flown into the sun and would now be journeying away from it forever after. - Author: Richard Flanagan
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#13. No government in the Middle East is innocent. Wars make the stock market go up, so no one in America is innocent either, nor anyone anywhere where capitalism reigns. - Author: Roseanne Barr
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#14. Matt is grinning at me like I'm the new Christmas toy he really wanted, but can't play with yet because he hasn't read the instructions. - Author: Jillian Dodd
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#15. The more people I am with, Dorrigo thought, the more alone I feel. - Author: Richard Flanagan
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#16. He settled into his ergonomically designed, yet inexpensive, chair and logged into his computer. He could do this. Just turn the computer on, shut brain down, and commence typing until fingers fell off. - Captain Lewis - Author: Jacqueline Patricks
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#17. Nineveh, Tyre, a God-forsaken railway in Siam, Dorrigo Evans said, flame - Author: Richard Flanagan
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