Top 17 Don't Throw Stones Quotes

#1. Don't throw stones at your neighbors', if your own windows are glass.

Benjamin Franklin

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#2. Brother, you can believe in stones, as long as you don't throw them at me. You are free to worship whoever you want, but other people's beliefs are not your concern, whether they believe that the Messiah is God, son of Mary, or that Satan is God, son of Mary. Let people have their beliefs.

Wafa Sultan

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#3. In terms of fast food and deep understanding of the culture of fast food, I'm your man.

Bill Gates

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#4. Because of its frequent use in Scripture, grace should be an oft-preached topic, and a frequent subject of discussion among believers. Consider the following descriptions of grace found in the Bible.

Tony Cooke

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#5. I'm a hometown girl, and my personality at home is the opposite of the performer in me. But then, when I'm home and haven't done anything for a while, I get really itchy and nervous and weird-feeling.

Britney Spears

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#6. So I guess I learned there's no such thing as a flash of certainty. It's a flash, for sure, but it isn't certainty, even if it feels like certainty.

Andrea Cremer

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#7. At length Andrew smiled, slow and cold. It was the first time he'd smiled since coming off his drugs, and Neil couldn't help but stare. "Now it's getting fun," Andrew said. "Finally," Kevin said, equal parts exhaustion and exasperation. It

Nora Sakavic

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#8. One of the most pervasive political visions of our time is the vision of liberals as compassionate and conservatives as less caring.

Thomas Sowell

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#9. Harm is one of those things that I always mean to keep clear of, but somehow my intentions and me don't chime as they ought, and people will get hit with stones that I throw at my neighbor's dogs ...

Emily Dickinson

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#10. When you expect things to happen - strangely enough - they do happen.

J. P. Morgan

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#11. I just don't believe that being conservative means all you do is throw stones and poke people in the eye.

James Lankford

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#12. We have a lot of thoughtful people in the U.S. Senate.

Marco Rubio

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#13. Men not only don't get what's important about what women are capable of, but in fact they fear it, and envy it, and want to throw stones at it, because it's the thing they can't have.

Joss Whedon

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#14. I often think of random melodies. And I pretty much hear in my head what I want to do with the orchestra as I'm writing on the piano.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

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#15. My family was totally non-religious. There was no question we were Jewish, but we were not observant.

Elayne Boosler

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#16. When you fly high people will throw stones at you. Don't look down. Just fly higher so the stones won't reach you

Chetan Bhagat

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#17. When he saw the child of some prostitute throw stones at a crowd, Diogenes shouted to him, "Take care that you don't hit your father!

Luis E. Navia

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