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Top 46 Doing Me Dirty Quotes

#1. Ripper in the front, ZZ in the back, Dirty in the mouth. - Author: Madeline Sheehan
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#2. I was a little bit of a slob who was sort of surrounded by dirty laundry. I can trace the exact moment that I became a tidy human being, and that moment was the day my son Sam was born. - Author: Tim Daly
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#3. I am Levi Black and my record was spotless; I didn't mess around with students, I didn't lose cases, and I sure as hell didn't air my dirty laundry in public. - Author: J.J. McAvoy
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#4. I hope for an America where neither "fundamentalist" nor "humanist" will be a dirty word, but a fair description of the different ways in which people of good will look at life and into their own souls. - Author: Edward Kennedy
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#5. I did love 'Dirty Sexy Money' quite a lot. I loved my tenure at 'Scrubs' quite a lot. 'ER' might have been my favorite guest star thing. 'We Were Soldiers' meant a lot to me. - Author: Bellamy Young
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#6. I sit on it's edge, looking down at the man who feels like he just materialized out of nowhere. My head still swims with euphoria from the moment...a moment I was just in with one man whilst sleeping next to another. Suddenly feeling dirty, I pull the sheets wrapped in front of my body closer. - Author: E.J. Mellow
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#7. And then," Darren continues dizzily, "when we've come, I'll keep you open with my fingers, keep you loose, and when I'm ready, I'll take you again. - Author: Dominique Frost
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#8. A dream dirty and bruised is better than no dream at all. - Author: Laini Taylor
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#9. That Miss Priss vibe she's got going on kind of does it for me. It makes me want to get her dirty. Really, really dirty. - Author: Roni Loren
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#10. Buddhism is a heresy on Hinduism. It was Hinduism that did the dirty work for Buddhism, by the time Buddha came along priest-craft was an ancient tradition in India. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#11. Her sickness came from the water," the nurse explained. "She should drink only good clean water. If the water is dirty, you should boil it for a count of two hundred before she drinks - Author: Linda Sue Park
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#12. He must have been handsome when he was alive and was handsome still, although made monstrous by his pallor and her awareness of what he was. His mouth looked soft, his cheekbones as sharp as blades, and his jaw curved, giving him an off-kilter beauty. His black hair a mad forest of dirty curls. - Author: Holly Black
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#13. Compassion is not a dirty word. Compassion is not a sign of weakness. In my view, compassion in politics and in public policy is in fact a hallmark of great strength. It is a hallmark of a society which has about it a decency which speaks for itself. - Author: Kevin Rudd
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#14. You know you can't be a nice girl inside if you're a dirty slut outside - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#15. Girl, all you have to do is say the word, and Mr. Lusty McLust a Lot here will be happy to whisper some dirty nothings in your ear. - Author: Wendy Higgins
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#16. She's my mate; that makes her mine. Forgetting that will see your neck no longer serving its purpose." "I love it when you talk dirty," she purred. "Give my regards to Lindsay. - Author: Sylvia Day
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#17. People wince when something is in bad taste. They laugh when it's funny. If it's too dirty or wrong, they won't laugh. But if it's a big, dirty, smart, funny laugh, they love it. - Author: Michael Patrick King
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#18. When I first came to NBC, I thought it was going to be swimming with the sharks, all men for themselves, be careful and all that. I have to tell you I learned that you can be kind and a hard worker and move up. You don't have to play dirty or do things that you think happens at big corporations. - Author: Hoda Kotb
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#19. Here's the dirty little secret: Fiat currency is designed to lose value. Its very purpose is to confiscate your wealth and transfer it to the government. Each time the government prints a new dollar and spends it, the government gets the full purchasing power of that dollar. - Author: Michael Maloney
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#20. When the Lord's sheep are a dirty grey, all black sheep are more
comfortable. - Author: Vance Havner
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#21. You need someone a little dirty, honey, with a heart of gold. - Author: Kim Harrison
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#22. There's no shame with Park. Nothing is dirty. Because Park is the sun, and that's the best way she could think to explain it. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#23. Oh God, this is so good, Princess, what is it?"
"Dark and stormy," she sighs. "And you may as well take the bowl. I can't use it now you've had your dirty paws in it."
"Hmmm, dark and you. I like it. - Author: Kerry Heavens
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#24. God abhors a naked singularity because that's when things stop making sense. Predictability breaks down. That's why the universe takes all its dirty little secrets and hides them in the centre of a black hole. - Author: Gavin G. Smith
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#25. Listen, ah don't wanna speak ill of the dead but have ah told you that mah mother was a great whopping whale of a cunt? Well she was precisely that - a great whopping whale of a hog's cunt with a dirty maggot for a brain. - Author: Nick Cave
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#26. Quoting, like smoking, is a dirty habit to which I am devoted. - Author: Carolyn Gold Heilbrun
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#27. At first, I was able to use a Bunsen burner attached to my mother's gas stove, but the use of the kitchen as a laboratory came to an abrupt end when a minor explosion involving hydrogen sulphide spattered the newly painted decor and changed the colour from blue to dirty green! - Author: John Vane
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#28. In Lubbock, we grew up with two main things: God loves you and he's gonna send you to hell, and that sex is bad and dirty and nasty and awful and you should save it for the one you love. - Author: Butch Hancock
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#29. Men even contract the dirty, filthy habit of chewing tobacco, and when the habit gets a good hold upon them they are never satisfied except when they have a wad of the stuff in their mouth. So with drinking. It is largely a habit. - Author: Thomas Jordan Jarvis
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#30. Why should I run all the way down to 17th St. to buy dirty, badly made books whenI can buy clean, beautiful ones
from you without leaving the typewriter? From whereI sit,London's a lot closer than 17th Street. - Author: Helene Hanff
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#31. The activist is not the person who says the river is dirty. The activist is the person who cleans up the river - Author: H. Ross Perot
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#32. In the end, the market will decide which is the better performer: dirty coal-fired power or clean wind and solar. Market-based competition. That doesn't sound like communism to me. - Author: Frances Beinecke
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#33. I usually do my hair and makeup in 30 to 45 minutes, and if my hair is dirty, I'll just put it in a bun or a ponytail. If it's in a bun, I'll part it down the middle and do a low bun with a couple pieces in the front coming down. - Author: Gigi Hadid
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#34. I've always tried to avoid politics because most politicians that I know are quite dirty in terms of human dignity, ethics and morals. - Author: Steven Seagal
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#35. What, I'm a mechanic. I get dirty. If he wanted me to get all gussied up, he should have commend ahead. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#36. I've had a lot of sex. Dirty, vanilla, familiar and anonymous. - Author: Ainsley Booth
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#37. Oh, if there were only a true religion. Fool that I am, I see a Gothic cathedral and venerable stained-glass windows, and my weak heart conjures up the priest to fit the scene. My soul would understand him, my soul has need of him. I only find a nincompoop with dirty hair. - Author: Stendhal
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#38. People who use dirty methods to hurt others ... will be destroyed with methods that are even dirtier than theirs!! That's what I call justice!! Not to mention ... journalism! - Wolfgangina Lalla Getto - Author: Tite Kubo
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#39. Retirement is not a dirty word, I am just enjoying what I am doing. If they want me to retire, then stop asking me. Ask and I will say yes unless it is something I really don't like. - Author: Betty White
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#40. Doing interviews can sometimes mess up my head. It makes me feel dirty. It's frustrating how the press recycles a quote to death. - Author: Juliana Hatfield
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#41. I remember I was unsure about doing 'Shameless.' I'd never acted in anything so commercial. I read the script in the garden with my mum, Mary. She said it's filthy dirty, but she said these people have love and sex and nothing else. That made me take the role. - Author: Anne-Marie Duff
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#42. I mean, if 10 years from now, when you are doing something quick and dirty, you suddenly visualize that I am looking over your shoulders and say to yourself "Dijkstra would not have liked this", well, that would be enough immortality for me. - Author: Edsger W. Dijkstra
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#43. I've learned how to be open and bold about my faith, but in terms of my influence, I just try to lead in a godly way. What that means for me is to serve them, whether it's just doing the dirty work, like cleaning up sweat on the floor, or deferring to other people, or carrying equipment bags. - Author: Jeremy Lin
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#44. I'm doing 5000 seat theaters and audiences are going nuts, it's fantastic and it makes me very happy. I'm dirty, but not like this; I just do comedy that I find funny. I'm working on a new tv show for cable and it's not set up yet. - Author: Bob Saget
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#45. Duplication and expressiveness take me a very long way into what I consider clean code, and improving dirty code with just these two things in mind can make a huge difference. There is, however, one other thing that I'm aware of doing, which is a bit harder to explain. - Author: Robert C. Martin
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#46. Do you think that I like that part of me? That I enjoy doing the dirty work that being in the club requires? I fucking don't. But I do it for a reason. And six years ago, when I fell in love with you, my reason became you.
~J to Madison - Author: Nina Levine
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