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Top 21 Dogmatist Quotes

#1. There isn't any questioning the fact that some people enter your life, at the exact point of need, want or desire - it's sometimes a coincendence and most times fate, but whatever it is, I am certain it came to make me smile. - Author: Nikki Rowe
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#2. And she heart began to pound. - Author: Elizabeth Hunter
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#3. What foods are, essentially, are idea-neutral drugs. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#4. I'm a capitalist by conviction and profession. I believe the best economic system is one that rewards entrepreneurship and risk-taking, maximizes customer choice, uses markets to allocate scarce resources and minimizes the regulatory burden on business. - Author: Gary Hamel
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#5. Broadway producers are happy to have a big Hollywood name they can post on the marquee, but most of them assume that television and film stars really can't handle stage work. Too often, they're right. - Author: Rue McClanahan
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#6. I know too much to be a sceptic and too little to be a dogmatist. - Author: Pierre Bayle
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#7. When the world's run by fools it's the duty of intelligence to disobey. - Author: Martin Firrell
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#8. It is written in the code of love: He who strikes the blow is himself struck down. - Author: Hadewijch
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#9. It's like zen. Only not as subtle. - Author: J.J. Connolly
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#10. I'm a breakfast type of guy. Don't get me wrong. I can cook, I'm kinda nice on the burner, but I enjoy making breakfast. I do it all ... Scrambled eggs ... French toast ... Pancakes ... Breakfast is my thing. - Author: Ja Rule
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#11. The dogmatist will listen to everyone's opinion, and then affirm to himself his godliness. - Author: Rudolf Hess
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#12. I've said that anyone who doesn't contradict himself is a dogmatist, and every dogmatist is a reactionary. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#13. A woman in love is a very poor judge of character. - Author: J.G. Holland
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#14. She is twin-born with primal mysteries, and drinks of life at Time's forgotten source. - Author: Sarojini Naidu
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#15. The poet is in the end probably more afraid of the dogmatist who wants to extract the message from the poem and throw the poem away than he is of the sentimentalist who says, Oh, just let me enjoy the poem. - Author: Robert Penn Warren
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#16. Every person I've met who has moved to Denmark tells me the same thing. It is close to impossible to penetrate the social circles there. - Author: Meik Wiking
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#17. Who are the farmer's servants? ... Geology and Chemistry, the quarry of the air, the water of the brook, the lightning of the cloud, the castings of the worm, the plough of the frost. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#18. The dogmatist within is always worse than the enemy without. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
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#19. In all parts of the Old World, as well as of the New, it was evident that Columbus had kindled a fire in every mariner's heart. That fire was the harbinger of a new era, for it was not to be extinguished. - Author: Charles Kendall Adams
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#20. The phenomenon of the woman who's asked what movie she wants to see, and she says, "I don't know. What do you want to see?" It's a tiny version of a big tendency. Women need to say, "This is what I want." - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#21. The tolerance of the skeptic ... accepts the most diverse and indeed the most contradictory opinions, and keeps all his suspicions for the "dogmatist." - Author: Jean Guitton
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