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#1. Needs multiply as they are met. Woe to the man who would live a disentangled life. Be on guard, my soul, of complicating your environment so that you have neither time nor room for growth!

Elisabeth Elliot

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#2. I disentangled myself and flopped backward on the bed. "You sure about this, man?"
"Positive." David climbed right on top, straddling me. He knew I'd never throw him off, even if I'd threatened to do so a hundred times in the past. Maybe he knew how much I liked it.

Santino Hassell

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#3. Religion should be disentangled as much as possible from history and authority and metaphysics, and made to rest honestly on one's fine feelings, on one's indomitable optimism and trust in life.

George Santayana

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#4. Can currently existing religion be disentangled from the misogyny of its texts, its traditions, and its practices? ... a resounding NO: misogyny not only pervades the major faiths, it's baked in.

Katha Pollitt

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#5. Softly, Magnus said, "Aku cinta kamu."
"What does that mean?"
Magnus disentangled himself from Alec's grip. "It means I love you. Not that that changes anything.

Cassandra Clare

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#6. It takes courage and intelligence, you know, to do the stages of Yoga right, and to start with this Hatha Yoga ... It's just you and nothing but you, standing in one spot frozen like a statue with no place to go for help or excuse or scapegoat except inward.

Bikram Choudhury

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#7. he can see through a brick wall in time (as they say in Bree). But

J.R.R. Tolkien

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#8. Don't you make fun of me or my children! Some babies are premature. Mine were all postmature. That's why they're so smart. Their brains had longer to develop.

Jeannette Walls

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#9. I go through life now reminding myself to remember something, and I do this while that something is happening. I'll be experiencing a moment and I'll say to myself, "Remember this!" Otherwise my whole life just blurs by.

Heidi Julavits

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#10. I have so many different projects, I hear voices in my head - the characters talking all at once - and I have to write to make them stop.

Eli Roth

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#11. Sorrow and frustration have their power. The world is moved by people with great discontents. Happiness is a drug. It can make men blind and deaf and insensible to reality. There are times when only sorrow can give to sorrow.

Winifred Holtby

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#12. I have dreams of becoming a professional pastry chef and having a little bakery - that's how much I love baking. I love to cook in general, but my heart lies in desserts.

Kim Barnouin

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#13. The international community should treat this as a window of opportunity to ramp up preparedness and response.

Margaret Chan

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#14. My chains are broken!

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#15. Everyone knows that metaphors are important, yet we have no idea why.

Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

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#16. Over-seriousness is a warning sign for mediocrity and bureaucratic thinking. People who are seriously committed to mastery and high performance are secure enough to lighten up.

Michael J. Gelb

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#17. What they lack in stature, they make up for with their mouths.

Kim Dong Hwa

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#18. To lead men, you have to lead them with affection.

J.R.D. Tata

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#19. The minimum wage is not something that you want to stay on as a permanent basis. For example, if you have a minimum wage job, you don't stay there 20 or 30 years. You don't put your children through college working on minimum wage.

John Raese

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