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#1. Percy smiled. "Is he a fighter? Frank, you're looking at General Tyson of the Cyclops army. And by the way, Tyson, Frank is a descendant of Poseidon." "Brother!" Tyson crushed Frank in a hug. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#2. The box filled gradually around them over the next half hour. Mr. Weasley kept shaking hands with people who were obviously very important wizards. Percy jumped to his feet so often that he looked as though he were trying to sit on a hedgehog. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#3. Like other men, I have sought honours and preferment, and often have obtained them beyond my wishes or hopes. Yet never have I found in them that content which I had figured beforehand in my mind. A strong reason, if we well consider it, why we should disencumber ourselves of vain desires. - Author: Francesco Guicciardini
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#4. I'm less confident now than I've ever been. In this peculiar craft, confidence is something you spend a lifetime losing. I used to be frightened only one night a week but now I'm frightened of every performance. I mean really frightened. - Author: Glenda Jackson
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#5. If I can tell you anything today, it is that you should never, ever believe your eyes. Or your mind, for that matter. - Author: James Dashner
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#6. And what good is a baby? - Author: Michael Faraday
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#7. Abraham's servant prayed for success: "O LORD, the God of my master Abraham, please grant me success today, and show lovingkindness to my master Abraham" (Gen. 24:12 NASB). This is the first time in Scripture that we read of someone asking God for specific guidance. - Author: Gary L. Thomas
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#8. Since the beginning, the Fates determined which souls would be born, what kinds of lives they would live, and for how many days. They did this out of duty, out of destiny, and without emotion. - Author: Nicole Y. Walters
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#9. Was true love when you wanted to slap someone and kiss him madly at the same time? - Author: Nancy Werlin
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#10. Addressing the concept of man made additions to the faith - These additions-
standards, practices, and allegiances supposedly created for our spiritual benefit-
have had the opposite effect. - Author: Ed Galisewski
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#11. Los Angeles is such a town of show business, and I'm a terrible celebrity. I find it difficult - it's the beast that must be fed. There's this big wheel of pictures and articles that goes around, and you get pinned on it. - Author: Julia Roberts
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#12. The manner in which one single ray of light, one single precious hint, will clarify and energize the whole mental life of him who receives it, is among the most wonderful and heavenly of intellectual phenomena. - Author: Arnold Bennett
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#13. I reckon if I can't spend the day sleeping, the next best thing is to spend it reading and drinking. - Author: Pete McCarthy
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