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#1. I've never had a plan, I've always done things from instinct. - Author: Greta Gerwig
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#2. Of course, a lot of courtship and dating is about sexual attraction. If you're an attractive person, you have that sort of interest from people, whether you cater to it or not, but when you get older, that's not really the leading thing anymore. - Author: Patricia Arquette
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#3. You are a trophy of God's grace. He has future accomplishments with your name written on them. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#4. Compared to the bugs and the spiders and flies, I am an apeman. - Author: Ray Davies
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#5. I think this notion that it's the population of the U.S. against the big companies is just wrong. - Author: Jeffrey R. Immelt
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#6. I have done many comedy films. Success of films like 'Partner,' 'Singh is Kinng' gets you to a very wide audience reach. But for greater gains, you need to take greater gambles. If it works, you get respect and recognition. - Author: Katrina Kaif
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#7. Being born again happens in an instant. Learning to live as a child of God takes a lifetime. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#8. When the three branches of government have failed to represent the citizenry and the mass of the media has failed to represent the citizenry, then the citizenry better represent the citizenry. - Author: David Mamet
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#9. You would probably think that rock music is an urban phenomena, but the main reason for doing it in '68 was so that we could play music very loud any time of the day or night without getting complaints from the neighbours. - Author: Steve Winwood
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#10. What is writing, after all, except fumbling in darkness endeavoring to light a candle? - Author: Peggy Toney Horton
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#11. Local churches are ten times more segregated than the neighborhoods they are in and they are twenty times more segregated than the schools than the nearby schools. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#12. People live out of either the hurt they feel or the healing Jesus provides. Your parents will never be perfect. And you will never be a perfect parent. But there is a perfect God who, over time, will bring healing to hurtful circumstances. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#13. It's hard to sin if you're preoccupied with Jesus. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#14. Our salvation comes to us so easily because it cost God so much. - Author: Oswald Chambers
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#15. God will crush the pride out of us one way or another. He loves us, and His glory, too much not to do it. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#16. Only 13.7% of churches in America are consider multiethnic. This means that 86.3 % of churches are homogenous. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#17. Try to hold on to youth and it mocks you while it sprints away. - Author: Frank Herbert
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#18. When I was 5 years old, we had nothing in the village. One day, in front of my house, some soldiers in a big Cadillac started to do a picnic. I looked at them like they were coming from the moon. I remember they gave me a box of rice pudding - that, for me, was the American Dream. - Author: Renzo Rosso
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#19. Jesus' epic work through his sinless life, atoning death, resurrection, and ascension, and the sending of the Spirit, was so that God could have an ethnically diverse family of Jews and Gentiles. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#20. To make no mistakes is not in the power of man; but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future. - Author: Plutarch
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#21. 1 Timothy 3 lists only one gift, teaching, then follows w a list of character traits. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#22. I coach church planters to look at the ethnic diversity of schools and neighborhoods they are near. This will be an indicator how ethnically diverse their congregation can become. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#23. If there is a war to be fought, we don't consider cost one of the factors in deciding whether or not to fight. - Author: Philip Pullman
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#24. I am the creation of love.
I am the source of love.
I am the beginning of love.
I like to vanish in love. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#25. When everything comes from Jesus, it is spiritual insanity to have any form of pride. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#26. You cannot cast a vision that has not cast a spell over you. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#27. I remember my dreams when I was a junior soloist. 'Oh, I hope I don't end here,' I thought. 'I want to do the ballerina in 'Scotch Symphony.' I don't want to be the little Scotch girl.' And I actually went beyond my wildest dreams. I worked with Balanchine. I had ballets choreographed for me. - Author: Patricia McBride
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#28. We must, by God's grace, embody the vision. If not, we are duplicitous. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#29. Leaders are like point guards, we set people up to score. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#30. Substance and content over style and hype any day. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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