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#1. Every game I played against Henri Richard, he'd come up to behind me at some point and say, 'My brother's better than your brother.' - Author: Dennis Hull
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#2. Experts who acknowledge the full extent of their ignorance may expect to be replaced by more confident competitors, who are better able to gain the trust of clients. An unbiased appreciation of uncertainty is a cornerstone of rationality - but it is not what people and organizations want. - Author: Daniel Kahneman
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#3. I can't promise the universe is gonna tell you what to do with your life up there. But if you can keep quiet and listen close enough, for long enough, it may whisper something you need to hear. - Author: Jessi Kirby
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#4. I sit down on the curb, outside the Opera. People passing look at me. I will wait here for a hundred years. Or until the hot meat of romance is cooled by the dull gravy of common sense once more - Author: Donald Barthelme
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#5. I grew up outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a little town, and went to a regular high school. I was a ... very average student in that high school. Then I joined the Navy, and while I was in the Navy, I was in a motorcycle accident and woke up deaf in a hospital. - Author: I. King Jordan
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#6. I get asked a lot what the key is to creating a hit show, and I have a standard answer: Do everything right, and then get lucky 10 ways. - Author: Christopher Lloyd
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#7. Laughter
an interior convulsion, producing a distortion of the features, and accompanied by inarticulate noises. It is infectious, and though intermittent, incurable. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#8. The foghorn of Boston Light moaned across the harbor, a sound Teddy had heard every night of his childhood in Hull. The loneliest sound he knew. Made you want to hold something, a person, a pillow, yourself. - Author: Dennis Lehane
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#9. Natural emotion is the soul of poetry, as melody is of music; the same faults are engendered by over-study of either art; there is a lack of sincerity, of irresistible impulse in both the poet and the, composer. - Author: Edmund Clarence Stedman
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#10. Nature was beautiful, even in her tears - Author: Jerome K. Jerome
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#11. I'd never won the Stanley Cup so I asked Cournoyer right after the final if this was like winning the Cup. He said, 'This is ten times better.' I believed him. - Author: Dennis Hull
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#12. Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster. - Author: Niklaus Wirth
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#13. There is nothing truthful, wise, humane, or strategic about confusing hostility to injustice and oppression, which is leftist, with hostility to science and rationality, which is nonsense. - Author: Michael Albert
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#14. Great good nature without prudence is a great misfortune. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#15. To bend the work of nature to your will; to make the trees of the earth useful to human beings - what could be more admirable , more exciting than this? That is what I would say to any boy who has his life before him. - Author: Amitav Ghosh
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#16. If you tell yourself something over and over again, right or wrong, it becomes intuitive. - Author: Sidney Coleman
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