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Top 10 Demerol Quotes

#1. 'House of Leaves' is certainly about the unsettling nature of fear - and it was my aim to address that - but it's also about recovering from fear. - Author: Mark Z. Danielewski
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#2. I'm like Demerol ...
No disrespect to the Jacksons, but I kill mics. - Author: Cyhi The Prynce
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#3. I've been watching American baseball on television for a long time, but it was only in recent years that, realistically, I've been thinking about playing here. - Author: Hideki Matsui
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#4. There was nothing fake or added about him. He was all himself. - Author: Colin Cotterill
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#5. Any government that chooses to be an ally of terror has also chosen to be an enemy of civilization. - Author: George W. Bush
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#6. Although Mar would be quite pleased to be consort, Skjaldwulf didn't want to be wolfjarl.
He wanted Isolfr, and he would take the damned job that went with it, if he could win it, if that was what it took. - Author: Sarah Monette
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#7. I just like the idea of pills. I like to collect them but not actually take them. When I fell off my horse, I got tons of stuff: Demerol and Vicodin and Xanax and Valium and Oxycontin, which is supposed to be like heroin. And I'm quite scared to take them. I'm a control freak. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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#8. We all make mistakes. We're human. Hopefully, everyone
like I am
will have that attitude. I'm not upset. - Author: Mindy McCready
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#9. Unruly geeks change the world - Author: Alexandra Robbins
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#10. Demerol made it all seem okay. - Author: William Hjortsberg
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