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Top 10 Delhi Metro Funny Quotes

#1. A beautiful person is someone who stays true to themselves and their spirit; someone who is self-confident and can make you smile. - Author: Helena Christensen
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#2. It was you. You ruined me for anyone else. You didn't even know you were doing it, but did it all the same. - Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds
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#3. People aren't always themselves. They're always holding back something. - Author: Garth Brooks
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#4. I see you, and I suddenly forget why I was keeping score. That's why I stayed away, I guess. It was a last-ditch effort to protect myself. Because you totally, utterly undo me. - Author: Andrea Lochen
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#5. If we want to change what happens, we change what we believe and expect. - Author: Melody Beattie
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#6. I have become an obstinate heretic in the eyes of my colleagues. Momentary success carries more power of conviction than reflections upon principles. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#7. When he laughed in his throat, the butterfly laughed at me too. It's obscene fluttering corrupted me into darkness. - Author: Kazuya Minekura
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#8. I've always been attracted to romantic secondhand clothes. But my style developed as I started going to these strange raves where everybody had these very definitive costumes. - Author: Florence Welch
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#9. We know the costs of Europe. What are the benefits? - Author: Nigel Farage
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#10. It's nice to be able to work; I'd love to be able to do another TV show I could do in Chicago so I could live and work in the same place. It's hard being a parent and being in a good marriage, and it all takes a lot of work, but if you're not there you can't do any of it. - Author: Joan Cusack
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