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#1. Phyllis Diller came through a mine field of male comedians when she arrived on the comedy scene and she defused them all. She won her place in the Hall of Comedy as the First Lady. I will miss her. - Author: Tim Conway
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#2. The art of giving is believing there is enough love in you, that you are loved enough by Him, to be made enough love to give. For - Author: Ann Voskamp
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#3. How we live is all that matters,not who made us,or out of what parts!
Free will is what we make of it! - Author: Yukito Kishiro
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#4. One week ago I said that cloning of mammals was years away ... it is fun to be alive at this point in history. - Author: Anders Sandberg
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#5. Far more beguiling than the idea that evil can be destroyed by throwing a piece of expensive jewelry into a volcano is the possibility that evil can be defused by talking. The fantasy of justice is more interesting than the fantasy of fairies, and more truly fantastic. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#6. Size, perspective- large objects, when you make them too 3D, you dimensionalize them too much, they appear tiny, so you have to be careful about things like that. - Author: Bryan Singer
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#7. common problem people have is discerning when a dream or vision is to be taken symbolically (as a parable) and when it is to be taken literally. As - Author: Praying Medic
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#8. Thank your readers and the critics who praise you, and then ignore them. Write for the most intelligent, wittiest, wisest audience in the universe: Write to please yourself. - Author: Harlan Ellison
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#9. One of the places where we lived when I was growing up had this big wood out the back. And starting when I was about 8, I used to enjoy just walking alone through the wood late. Eleven p.m. Midnight. Later. - Author: Christian Bale
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#10. Take it all off. I don't intend to fuck somebody in his underwear. And you have to use a condom. I know where I've been, but I don't know where you've been. - Lisbeth Salander - Author: Stieg Larsson
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#11. I'm interested in really particular details, ideas, thoughts, and emotions, yet it's defused with performance, where you can play with hiding things, or be more confrontational about something shielded. There is this process of layering in performance. - Author: Sue Tompkins
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#12. Be the person you wish to be, not who you are told to be. - Author: Anna Glazebrook
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#13. I said in my inaugural address that I am not the Council's secretary, nor am I the Parliament's lackey. That can sometimes lead to conflicts, which are defused through dialogue. - Author: Jean-Claude Juncker
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#14. A star on a movie set is like a time bomb. That bomb has got to be defused so people can approach it without fear. - Author: Jack Nicholson
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#15. All great heroes have a flaw. It's one of the things that makes them heroes. - Author: Jennifer McMahon
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#16. I am not sure how many "sins" I would recognize in the world. Some would surely be defused by changed circumstances. But I can imagine none that is more irredeemably sinful than the betrayal, the exploitation, of the young by those who should care for them. - Author: Elizabeth Janeway
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