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#1. Most of the questions people asked you, he felt, were there to fill up dead space, curtail your movements, divert your energy and attention. Anyway, my grandfather and his emotions were never really on speaking terms. - Author: Michael Chabon
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#2. The fact that all of this was happening in virtual space made no difference. Being virtually killed by virtual laser in virtual space is just as effective as the real thing, because you are as dead as you think you are. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#3. They all want to leave the Gray Space, Liv, she'd tell me. They don't realise they're dead until they remember what it sounds like to be alive. - Author: Kate Ellison
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#4. On not crowding another person in a relationship: Next time you're at a cemetary, look around at all the headstones. They're side by side. Even married couples. Nobody wants a plot on top of another person's plot. Why? ... Even when they're dead, people still love their own space. - Author: Kristen Tracy
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#5. There is much of our world, we do not see. So, it is easy to assume nothing exciting happens in our quadrant of space, but we are dead wrong. Crazy, impossible things occur all the time. We simply need to know where to look. - Author: Anita B. Sulser PhD
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#6. The kings of the old time are dead;
The wandering earth herself may be
Only a sudden flaming word,
In clanging space a moment heard,
Troubling the endless reverie. - Author: W.B.Yeats
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#7. Too bad Einstein's dead. I'm sure he would have appreciated my latest discovery
within the space-time continuum.The closer you are to experiencing a monumental event, the longer time
stretches out. It makes you feel alone - Author: Susane Colasanti
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#8. In the center of that open space, a bony woman in a threadbare garment was hunched over a dead plant.
Sword of Divine Fire's reaction was succinct: "Fuck!" The woman cringed as if he'd hit her with a bullwhip. Then: "What has happened to our potato? - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#9. There is a dead space between most people and those afflicted with Mental Illness and it's called Understanding - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
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#10. I look all-woman on the outside, but inside I'm empty. Dead. A vast space of nothingness. - Author: Cindy Vine
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#11. The great thing about the dead, they make space. - Author: John Updike
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#12. It seems like such a long time ago when I thought the world of him. He was some exotic planet and I was his favorite satellite. But he's no planet, just the final fading light of an already dead star.

And I'm not a satellite. I'm space junk, hurtling as far as I can away from him. - Author: Nicola Yoon
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#13. Going back to the moon is not visionary in restoring space leadership for America. Like its Apollo predecessor, it will prove to be a dead end littered with broken spacecraft, broken dreams and broken policies. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
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#14. Apocalyptic explosions, dead reactors, terrorists, mass murder, death-slugs, and now a blindness plague. This is a terrible planet. We should not have come here. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#15. We, the living, must find what space we can alongside them; the giant dead whom we cannot tie down, though we grasp at their hair, though we rope them while they sleep - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#16. I will not let her speak because I love her, and when you love someone, you do not make them tell war stories. A war story is a black space. On the one side is before and on the other side is after, and what is inside belongs only to the dead. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#17. I'm not conscious of my own themes as I write first drafts, no, and in fact, I work hard to stay in that unconscious space and not ask myself what the novel is about or what my metaphors might mean because then, I think, you're just dead in the water. - Author: Laurie Foos
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#18. Though you may never have attended a funeral, two of the world's humans die every second. Eight in the time it took you to read that sentence. Now we're at fourteen. The dead space this process out nicely so that the living hardly even notice they're undergoing the transformation. Unless - Author: Caitlin Doughty
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#19. And then the line was quite but not dead. I almost felt like he was there in my room with me, but in a way it was better, like I was not in my room and he was not in his, but instead we were together in some invisible and tenuous third space that could only be visited on the phone. - Author: John Green
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#20. John Updike, in that book you gave me, he said the dead make space. Do you know what I think? Updike doesn't know dick about what it's like to be a homicide cop in Baltimore. - Author: Laura Lippman
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#21. What life is this? Living in a world of hatred and lies, breathing the same air the dead breathed once, knowing we will wake up one day and find ourselves gone from time and space, and yet we still breathe the air without trembling from the thought. - Author: Nour Zikra
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#22. And then, if I die anytime soon, at least they'll be able to say that I led a productive life and did all my work on time. I may be dead, but I'll be up to date in Space, Time, and Motion. - Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel
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#23. Oddly enough, white is a dead tone in a small room. Choosing something with a more medium tone will make the space feel larger. - Author: Emily Henderson
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#24. The moon's a dead rock, but I still like the word,
so black in its white space.
[ ... ]
what can we say to the
moon except You again?
You again. - Author: Franz Wright
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#25. I felt fine after 24 hours and asked the state commission to prolong my stay in space to three days. And I carried out the entire schedule. Could I have done that if I had been half-dead? - Author: Valentina Tereshkova
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#26. It would seem that I, who never could make much sense of physics when I was at school, have now gained a strong sense of Einsteinian space-time. I am free of the nimbyism of now, and feel a strong kinship with both the dead and the unborn. - Author: Will Self
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#27. Each person bears a fear which is special to him. One man fears a close space and another man fears drowning; each laughs at the other and calls him stupid. Thus fear is only a preference, to be counted the same as the preference for one woman or another, or mutton for pig, or cabbage for onion. - Author: Michael Crichton
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#28. I had known loneliness before, and emptiness upon the moor, but I had never been a NOTHING, a nothing floating on a nothing, known by nothing, lonelier and colder than the space between the stars. It was more frightening than being dead. - Author: Peter Carey
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#29. Death is final. No it is not just final, it's worse than that, it's diminishing: the dead continue to decrease, to occupy less space. - Author: Natascha McElhone
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#30. The pole's center was a gleaming lump about the size of a person's head, which any Spacer would recognize as a small nickel-iron asteroid, as common in space as dead leaves were on the reforested surface. But rare down here, even after the Hard Rain. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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