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#1. Kermit was the Everyman, the original Tom Hanks, but I have a special place in my heart for Fozzie Bear. The classic borderline hacky entertainer. - Author: Jason Segel
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#2. The average development time for a Hollywood movie is nine years. Nine years for a studio film. And a lot of what you do is abstract. - Author: Stephen Gaghan
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#3. He said her name like a detective unmasking the face of the culprit he'd suspected all along. - Author: Allyse Near
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#4. The idea of having Australians upset at me is just awful. - Author: Craig Ferguson
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#5. If anything, the impact of digital technology is creating bigger brands and bigger superstars. - Author: Anita Elberse
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#6. Nobody should ever doubt that in the washing of rebirth (Titus 3:5) absolutely all sins, from the least to the greatest, are altogether forgiven. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#7. Consistency in life is so important for success. It stems from taking what we are doing seriously. - Author: Tsem Tulku
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#8. I'll never be that trusting again, believing accountants and lawyers have my best interests at heart. - Author: Irene Cara
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#9. I'm not trying to be a solution or create a freer, utopian world. I think my music dreams of it, though. - Author: Jenny Hval
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#10. I think romantic love evolved to enable you to focus your mating energy on just one individual at a time, thereby conserving mating time and energy. - Author: Helen Fisher
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#11. The relationship between East and West needs to be and can be fixed via pop culture. - Author: Wang Leehom
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#12. But at the same time you can't assume that making a difference 20 years ago is going to allow you to sort of live on the laurels of those victories for the rest of your life. - Author: Angela Davis
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#13. She had an unequalled gift, usually pen in hand, of squeezing big mistakes into opportunities. - Author: Henry James
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