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#1. If you eat junk, you look like junk. People say, 'It's not my fault, it's my glands.' It's not; it's greed! - Author: Joan Collins
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#2. naturalism, alone among all considered philosophical attempts to describe the shape of reality, is radically insufficient in its explanatory range. - Author: David Bentley Hart
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#3. If you're a little mouseburger, come with me. I was a mouseburger and I will help you. You're so much more wonderful than you think. Cosmopolitan is shot full of this stuff although outsiders don't realize it. It is, in its way, an inspiration magazine. - Author: Helen Gurley Brown
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#4. ...it was like finding a brother who farts in key. - Author: Dale McGowan
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#5. Mormons and Hindus are the least likely to marry a partner outside their own faith (17% and 10%, respectively), and only 5% of Mormons and 3% of Hindus are married to someone who is unaffiliated. - Author: Dale McGowan
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#6. It is always fragile, being a parent. - Author: Renee Fleming
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#7. Absence is to love as wind is to fire: it extinguishes the little flame, it fans the big. - Author: Umberto Eco
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#8. I should've been a nun, he says, half aloud, as his feet leave the ledge. - Author: Dale McGowan
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#9. It is when you experience another's suffering as your own that your human values is manifested. - Author: Sathya Sai Baba
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#10. She would- never mind. She was his servant. Slave mentality. This was not the girl I asked to marry me. She was his slave and believed she knew only joy...where was my wife? What was this creature she stroked and sucked at... - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#11. The highest ethical duty is often to discard the outmoded ethics of the past. - Corliss Lamont, humanist philosopher - Author: Dale McGowan
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#12. Because you and I have the power to impute beauty on anything under the sun. Because you become the labels you give yourself. If you declare you're beautiful - not despite your imperfections, but because of them - then you are. - Author: Bo Sanchez
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#13. Fear believes - courage doubts. Fear falls upon the earth and prays - courage stands erect and thinks. Fear is barbarism - courage is civilization. Fear believes in witchcraft, in devils and in ghosts. Fear is religion, courage is science. - Author: Dale McGowan
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#14. Where there is no critical thinking, there is no progress. If the children are our future, then critical thinking must be their guide. - Author: Dale McGowan
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#15. It was like finding a long-lost brother who farts in the same key. - Author: Dale McGowan
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#16. I've always been lucky in casting. The trick in casting is to hire great people, and let them do what they do, don't interfere with them too much. And then when they're great, take credit for it in the end. - Author: Woody Allen
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