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Top 15 Daemonic Quotes

#1. If you cannot be happy with the little you have, you can be confused with the lot you want to have - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#2. I watched 'The Shield.' That was a big show for me. - Author: Theo James
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#3. And on this night, the last of its kind before we get married to each other at the stroke of 8 tomorrow in the evening, as I walk towards my bed to call the day off, the last puff of wind brought from a fairy-tale land urges me to write this letter as your girlfriend, for one last time. - Author: Debalina Haldar
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#4. The American films just have so much more publicity and so much more money behind them that it's so hard to compete. - Author: Georgina Haig
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#5. Good only for destruction - has destroyed all that was valuable in the monarchy - is destroying France with daemonic energy - this tawdry, theatrical empire - a deeply vulgar man - nothing French about him - insane ambition - the whole world one squalid tyranny. His infamous treatment of the Pope! - Author: Patrick O'Brian
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#6. A man can be drawn across the room with the simplicity of a smile. That's why your pearly whites should always be straight and shiny. I think most of my clients are drawn to a fun, flirty nature in a woman. The problem is, most women do not often feel fun and flirty. - Author: Patti Stanger
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#7. The physical thing of having a man following you around all day trying to take your photograph - it's eerie. There is a pure physical response. If you go up and kick a dog, it will bite you. But with photographers, you can't do that. - Author: Chris Martin
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#8. We are adapted to infinity. We are hard to please, and love nothing which ends: and in nature is no end; but every thing, at the end of one use, is lifted into a superior, and the ascent of these things climbs into daemonic and celestial natures. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#9. What is pretty in nature is confined to the thin skin of the globe upon which we huddle. Scratch that skin, and nature's daemonic ugliness will erupt. - Author: Camille Paglia
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#10. And if we all did what we should, we would wake to find ourselves in paradise - Author: Deborah Harkness
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#11. A well governed people are generally a people who do not think much. - Author: Andre Siegfried
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#12. What allows us to be human is something daemonic. - Author: Heraclitus
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#13. The images of myth must be the daemonic guardians, omnipresent and unnoticed, which protect the growth of the young mind, and guide man's interpretation of his life and struggles. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#14. Profanation and violation are part of the perversity of sex, which never will conform to liberal theories of benevolence. Every model of morally or politically correct sexual behavior will be subverted by nature's daemonic law. - Author: Camille Paglia
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#15. Old age learns about less after a lifetime of more. - Author: Mason Cooley
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