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Top 10 Cute Mommy Quotes

#1. I think my virtue was I never thought This is impossible. - Author: Ferran Adria
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#2. I pictured the mother whale, exhausted from labor, pushing her calf up to the skin of the water. The miracle of breath in the face of predation, life in the wake of whaling ships. - Author: Megan Mayhew Bergman
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#3. Mommy do princesses seem at all like me?
look inside yourself and you'll see. - Author: Carmela LaVigna Coyle
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#4. Unless things change radically, President Bush will be the first President since Herbert Hoover to have presided over a net loss of jobs during his administration. - Author: Tim Johnson
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#5. We are a society that treats people with disabilities with condescension and pity, not dignity and respect. - Author: Stella Young
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#6. I'm cute, Mommy's cute, and Daddy's ... " She tore her gaze up to meet his.
"Daddy's lucky," he finished for her. - Author: Katie Ashley
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#7. To love one's neighbor is a tough command. It works better for people who live far away. - Author: C.J. Langenhoven
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#8. Some people have a phobia of midgets. They're, like, scared of them. I have the opposite - I see them, and I want to hold them down, cuddle them, be like, 'Come here, you little nugget. Who's your mommy now?' So cute! - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#9. When he hit it, I knew that it was my ball. But I had to catch it and it seemed like the hardest catch of my life. I said to myself, 'Two hands, just like your dad taught you.' - Author: Darin Erstad
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#10. I've been in the league 12 years. To sit on the bench and complain about the way things were, that doesn't get anything done. I don't know. I'm playing for a championship and trying to make the playoffs. My effort has never changed. - Author: Chris Webber
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