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#1. Consequently, the sensuous aspect of art is related only to the two theoretical sensesof sight and hearing, while smell, taste, and touch remain excluded. - Author: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
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#2. Web servers are written in C, and if they're not, they're written in Java or C++, which are C derivatives, or Python or Ruby, which are implemented in C. - Author: Rob Pike
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#3. The LORD is good, t a stronghold in the day of trouble; u he knows those who take refuge in him. - Author: Anonymous
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#4. I wish functions of MS Office suite worked on Life, and things were as simple as pressing "Ctrl + Z" to undo the accident that changed everything - Author: Rajat Mishra
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#5. Whoa!" I jerked my hand up to stop him. "Wait, what?" I asked as sick horror shot through me. "You mean, like when the bodies get cut open?"
Delight lit his face. "Yes, you'll be helping with the autopsies. You didn't know that? - Author: Diana Rowland
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#6. 273 Ctrl+Ditto copies the formula without changing the reference. - Author: Bill Jelen
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#7. When I hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete, I see that the System Idle Process is hogging all the resources and chewing up 95 percent of the processor's cycles. Doing what? Doing nothing? - Author: John C. Dvorak
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#8. Praise lies upon a higher plain than thanksgiving. When I give thanks, my thoughts still circle around myself to some extent. But in praise my soul ascends to self-forgetting adoration, seeing and praising only the majesty and power of God, His grace and redemption - Author: Ole Hallesby
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#9. The sex was amazing. And the man made me trip over my own feet. And he had a smile like Ctrl+Alt+Delete on my brain. - Author: L.A. Witt
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#10. Ctrl + 1" (hold down the Ctrl key and press the number 1). This will zoom the image to 100% magnification and pressing "Ctrl + 0" zooms out to fit the image to the screen. - Author: Robin Whalley
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#11. Use your notebook to breathe in the world around you. - Author: Ralph Fletcher
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