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Top 11 Crisp Morning Air Quotes

#1. People around me like me the best when I'm depressed because I'm a bit more passive. - Author: Halsey
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#2. The air was calm and insects had not yet risen off the water, that crisp time of morning before the sun strikes, when it is still cool enough to work out solutions to sticky problems. - Author: April Smith
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#3. It was a beautiful Indian summer morning and perfect for savoring a few extra minutes in bed. There was a breeze blowing through my bedroom window; the air was as crisp as a bite of a fresh red apple. - Author: Nancy B. Brewer
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#4. Another ethical ideal, the utilitarian principle, maintains that the ultimate criterion of an ethical decision is the balance of positive consequences over negative consequences produced by an action. - Author: Philip A. Becnel IV
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#5. The average American's simplest and commonest form of breakfast consists of coffee and beefsteak. - Author: Mark Twain
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#6. When we are centered in joy, we attain our wisdom. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#7. You kiss better than most men fuck." Her - Author: Jay Crownover
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#8. We went into the Dark Woods and I almost had to get gay fairy married again and now I feel really bad and Ryan got bad-touched by trees and Fairy King Dimitri was cryptic and annoying and apparently has a size kink. - Author: T.J. Klune
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#9. Morning dawned bright and sparkling after the rain. The air was keen and crisp. The cedars glistened as if decked with diamonds. Pan felt the sweet scent of the damp dust, and it gave him a thrill and a longing for the saddle and the open country. - Author: Zane Grey
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#10. It's always a challenge to hit the stage running, with Kansas' music, because it's demanding from the very first note, so we try to be up to the task and keep our pre-show routine pretty much focused on the music. - Author: Phil Ehart
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#11. On winter mornings when it's dark and the air is crisp, the lights are still shining and the first customers are gathered at the counter like conspirators. They give you the illusion that the day will be a new adventure. And that illusion stats with you for at least some of the morning. - Author: Patrick Modiano
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