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#1. Picture yourself crushin' Xzibit with your tough talk?
That's like Christopher Reeve doing the crip walk.


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#2. CRIP: I'm a non-conformist, and nothing's ever easy for me.

Scott Hildreth

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#3. People get all up in arms when I describe myself as a crip because what they hear is the word 'cripple,' and they hear a word you're not allowed to say anymore.

Stella Young

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#4. I identify very proudly as a disabled woman. I identify with the crip community. I didn't invent the word 'crip'. It's a political ideology I came to in my late teens and early 20s.

Stella Young

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#5. For me, disability is a physical experience, but it's also a cultural experience and a social experience, and for me, the word 'crip' is the one that best encapsulated all of that.

Stella Young

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#6. I see at intervals the glance of a curious sort of bird through the close set bars of a cage: a vivid, restless, resolute captive is there; were it but free, it would soar cloud-high.

Charlotte Bronte

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#7. Six years ago, I completed the premier episode of Hawaii Five-O, and Jack Lord and I immediately realized that we had a good series, that this was a success such as we'd never hoped for!

James MacArthur

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#8. I didn't realize - you think you are doing a movie but then you realize it's a Columbia Pictures movie so it's probably going to have some publicity. Then you see a billboard and it's like, 'God! I'm on a billboard!' It doesn't hit all at once, it kind of unravels itself and it's still unraveling.

Chris Evans

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#9. I'd wanted to be a writer and when I came back to New York worked as a musician too, but I found my writing starting to get more and more referential to cinema.

Jim Jarmusch

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#10. If we have a great idea, we'll go, 'Oh, this could be a cool movie.' Or really for us, it's more like, 'Oh, this is a really bad idea. Let's do this. This seems really stupid.'

Trey Parker

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#11. When I was really little I would sit in the back of my dad's car when he'd be playing old-school music. He'd turn down the music and turn around and I'd be singing and know all of the words but I didn't even know how to talk. From then on I've always wanted to be a singer.

Leona Lewis

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#12. His meat was going to be very fulfilling.

Derek Ailes

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#13. The collapse of communism and a recognition of its economic and humanitarian catastrophes took the romance out of revolutionary violence and cast doubt on the wisdom of redistributing wealth at the point of a gun.

Steven Pinker

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#14. I read Macbeth as a secondary student in Nigeria and it was like an African play to me. It had all the right elements - witches, kings and assassinations.

Sefi Atta

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#15. How can you love a little cat
so much
in such a

Sharon Creech

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#16. As with companions so with books. We may choose those which will make us better, more intelligent, more appreciative of the good and the beautiful in the world, or we may choose the trashy, the vulgar, the obscene, which will make us feel as though we've been 'wallowing in the mire.

David O. McKay

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#17. Gettimg attached to things is pointless. Thats how things get screwed up.People care to much about everything. Let it go. You'll be happier.

Nick Burd

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#18. I'm sort of a Southerner because those are my roots, but my parents are from Iowa.

Geneva Carr

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#19. I watch all the classic films that film people say that you ought to have seen, and I try to watch things in the cinema when they come out, just to keep my eye on the competition. I'm bored when I'm not working.

Sam Riley

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