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#1. As an allegorical art, then, photography would represent our desire to fix the transitory, the ephemeral, in a stable and stabilizing image. - Author: Craig Owens
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#2. People need to understand that in Washington, the process is the punishment. - Author: David Frum
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#3. Although too much of a soldier among sovereigns, no one could claim with better right to be a sovereign among soldiers. - Author: Walter Scott
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#4. Well, because you mysteriously came all this way and obviously are not the man I thought you were, why the heck not. So, Phet, if that's even your real name, tell
me, how do I defeat Lokesh?"
"It's simple. Do to him what I did to you."
"What? Talk to him in broken English? - Author: Colleen Houck
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#5. Empty in this dirt and flat on my back
both hands gripped tightly and widely around my bare neck
the truth of it all is i am very capable of love
it's just that im not capable of letting you go
and it goes, and it goes, and it goes, and it goes - Author: Craig Owens
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#6. As to the lawful pleasures of the mind, the heart, or the senses, indulge in them with gratitude and moderation, drawing up sometimes in order to punish yourself, without waiting to be forced to do so by necessity. - Author: Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire
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#7. The moment man cuts himself off from living connection with the human race and its needs, he begins to die from poor circulation. - Author: Orison Swett Marden
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#8. When a tree, a natural product, is felled, is society put into possession of no greater produce than that of the mere labour of the woodman? - Author: Jean-Baptiste Say
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#9. My wife and I were shopping for the whole family. In the music department my wife said, "Let's get your nephew a set of drums. That's what your brother did to us last year." - Author: Milton Berle
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#10. I long for the day when advertising will become a business for a grown man. - Author: Howard Gossage
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#11. Money has lost its narrative quality the way painting did once upon a time. Money is talking to itself. - Author: Don DeLillo
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#12. Also known as Judith Neville Lytton, the author of Toy Dogs and Their Ancestors had some illustrious ancestors of her own. Lady Wentworth was the great granddaughter of Lord Byron the poet, - Author: Michael Brandow
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#13. Representation, then, is not - nor can it be - neutral; it is an act - indeed the founding act - of power in our culture. - Author: Craig Owens
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#14. The postmodernist critique of representation undermines the referential status of visual imagery, its claim to represent reality as it really is - either the appearance of things or some ideal order behind or beyond appearance. - Author: Craig Owens
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#15. Photographs are but one link in a potentially endless chain of reduplication; themselves duplicates (of both their objects and, in a sense, their negatives), they are also subject to further duplication, either through the procedures of printing or as objects of still other photographs ... - Author: Craig Owens
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