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#1. Grover cradeled his laurel sapling in his hands. Well ... sure is good to be back together again. Arguing. Almost dying. Abject terror. Oh, look It's our floor

Rick Riordan

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#2. People who try to be something they are not, the most attractive thing to me are people who are 100% authentically them. And I appreciate and actually always look for people that are different than me in friendships, because that helps me grow.

Nicole Richie

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#3. No society can smash the social contract and be exempt from the consequences, and the consequences are chaos for everybody in society.

James Baldwin

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#4. Parallel lines have so much in common. It's a shame they'll never meet.

Hudson Moore

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#5. One of my heroes, almost necessarily from what I'm saying, of course, is Borges, who is a supreme master of doing thing
being a data bank
and the beauty of this economy is that he could have written War and Peace in three or four pages; who knows, it might have been a better book.

Peter Greenaway

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#6. Anthropologists are a connecting link between poets and scientists; though their field-work among primitive peoples has often made them forget the language of science.

Robert Graves

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#7. Everything in the universe wants to be loved and accepted. Our personal work is to find the love and acceptance within ourselves.

Shakti Gawain

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#8. I'm really not one about reform, I'm about tearing it down, revolution

Aja Monet

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#9. I had a weird dream the other night that I was on 'Jersey Shore.'

Chloe Sevigny

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#10. Why did children seem to be so often spontaneous, joy-filled and concentrated while adults seemed controlled, anxiety-filled and diffused? It was the Goddam sense of having a self.

Luke Rhinehart

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#11. I look for the hotels that have figured out the comfortable balance - a modern room that is well designed, and really clean sheets.

Simon Sinek

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#12. I'm aware of my audience in a way, and I do try to engage with them while I'm trying to go about my business of thinking. I believe they help me by providing a focus.

David Antin

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#13. We are very fond of blaming the poor for destroying the environment. But often it is the powerful, including governments, that are responsible.

Wangari Maathai

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