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#1. To move wild laughter in the throat of death?
It cannot be, it is impossible:
Mirth cannot move a soul in agony.

William Shakespeare

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#2. Who ever heard of a Martian not invading? Who!

Ray Bradbury

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#3. Crazy was better than in love. You could walk away from crazy without regrets.

Starr Ambrose

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#4. One mark of a great soldier is that he fight on his own terms or fights not at all.

Sun Tzu

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#5. Pure intuitive faith differs as much from fanaticism as fire from smoke, or music from mere noise; those who confuse the two are like the deaf.

Jose Rizal

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#6. The most important outcome of education is to help students become independent of formal education.

Paul E. Gray

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#7. There is, in practice, no such thing as autonomy. Practically, there is only a distinction between responsible and irresponsible dependence.

Wendell Berry

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#8. As Einstein himself pointed out. He said we're like people in a boat without oars drifting along a winding river. Around us we see only the present. We can't see the past, back in the bends and curves behind us. But it's there.

Jack Finney

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#9. I have a very open line of communication with both my children.

Gloria Estefan

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#10. Maturity is the ability to make a decision and stand by it. Immature people spend their lives exploring endless possibilities and then doing nothing. Action requires courage. Without courage, little is accomplished.

Ann Landers

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