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#1. His spells portrayed the spirit as a frail thing, contstantly under attack and in need of stength, always threatening to die inside you. Inman found this notion dismal indeed, since he had been taught by sermon and hymn to hold as truth that the soul of man never dies.

Charles Frazier

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#2. If we let fear control our decision making we always make the wrong decision.

Butch Bellah

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#3. You might measure your approach to a horse the same way as your approach to people because there are going to be some horses, like some people, who might be inclined to tune you out.

Buck Brannaman

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#4. Looking back, I realize that nurturing curiosity and the instinct to seek solutions are perhaps the most important contributions education can make.

Paul Berg

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#5. All photographs aspire to the condition of being memorable - that is, unforgettable.

Susan Sontag

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#6. Solzhenitsyn writes: 'Shalamov's experience in the camps was longer and more bitter than my own, and I respectfully confess that to him and not me was it given to touch those depths of bestiality and despair toward which life in the camps dragged us all.


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#7. I found it easier to stare out into the infinite blackness, away from the fire burning itself out in his eyes.

Heather Heffner

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#8. Life if freer once you are out of the cocoon.

Lindsey Leavitt

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#9. If you are untrustworthy, people will not trust you.


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#10. There was open collusion between the Russian players. They agreed ahead of time to draw the games they played against each other. Every time they drew they gave each other half a point.

Bobby Fischer

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#11. Later he would say that the Church led him to God, and LSD led him to universe. He also said that art led him to the devil, and sex kept him with the devil.

Patti Smith

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#12. I can't go on like this

Alex Flinn

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#13. A handful of red sand from the hot clime
Of Arab deserts brought,
Within this glass becomes the spy of Time,
The minister of Thought.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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#14. People can put their best poems straight onto the web.

Roger McGough

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#15. Abby took the box, and then tugged on my hand until we were in the entryway. It smelled like a combination of cleaner, candles, and kids. It smelled like home.

Jamie McGuire

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#16. The community of the Giver had achieved at such great price. A community without danger or pain. But also, a community without music, color or art. And books.

Lois Lowry

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