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Top 16 Computer Hacker Quotes

#1. I'm a writer; as soon as I imagine what would happen if I found the fountain of youth, it turns into a dystopia in my head. - Author: Marie Brennan
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#2. Instead of writing songs for girls, I tend to write albums, which I guess is a bit weird. - Author: Ed Sheeran
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#3. Thanks to a hacker known as Guccifer who wormed into the computer of the 43rd president's sister, the world has learned that George W. Bush is an amateur - I would say serious amateur - painter. - Author: Roberta Smith
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#4. Everyone wants to be called an outsider so I'm a proud insider. If I was young I'd be in my parents' house shutting down the government on my computer. The new delinquent is the hacker. - Author: John Waters
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#5. Nobody wants another computer hacker movie, unless it's something amazingly different. - Author: John Badham
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#6. I expect miracles of life; I am very optimistic. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#7. I am by now completely convinced that my downfall in life is going to be my inability to achieve computer nirvana like a true hacker or hackette. I think this lacking is the most unmodern facet of my personality - the career equivalent of having six fingers, or a vestigial tail. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#8. I am growing meaner by the hour. - Author: Jean Stafford
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#9. They retained their wooden souls, and the curve of their backs had the enigmatic shape of growth itself and remained a part of the decaying forest - Author: Tove Jansson
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#10. When you zap things with light to build quantum computers, you're hacking existing systems. You're hijacking the computation that's already happening in the universe, just like a hacker takes over someone else's computer. - Author: Seth Lloyd
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#11. Being able to break security doesn't make you a hacker anymore than being able to hotwire cars makes you an automotive engineer. - Author: Eric S. Raymond
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#12. Tsukiko Saionji: He doesn't look like a weed whacker.
Aoi "Flippy" Kyogoku: But I'm a computer hacker, and a safe cracker, and a butt smacker ... and I've got just the right equipment to trim your hedge. - Author: Yuu Watase
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#13. When a hacker gains access to any corporate data, the value of that data depends on which server, or sometimes a single person's computer, that the hacker gains access to. - Author: John McAfee
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#14. Belief is easier when it occurs within a community. - Author: Charles Duhigg
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#15. A cat never discusses his business with humans, not even Princesses. A cat never explains and never apologizes. A cat never alibis. You must accept a cat as it is and for what it is and not expect more than the pleasure of its company. - Author: Terry Brooks
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#16. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to glorify God by praising what He can do and we lose sight of the practical point of what He actually does do. - Author: Dallas Willard
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