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#1. Only whispers can tell of the sweet dreams we knew so well. I'll see you around our dear ocean town. - Author: Adam Young
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#2. I found myself back in the sepulchral city resenting the sight of people hurrying through the streets to filch a little money from each other, to devour their infamous cookery, to gulp their unwholesome beer, to dream their insignificant and silly dreams. They trespassed upon my thoughts. - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#3. I left my home in Massachusetts after college to move to New York City to pursue my dreams of acting. I took roles for free. I waited tables. I didn't care because it was work. - Author: Uzo Aduba
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#4. Mumbai is a city of stark contrasts - providing opportunities to millionaires to pursue their riches and millions of poor to pursue livelihood. For many, Mumbai is a city where their dreams begin; for many others, it marks and end of a dream. - Author: Duvvuri Subbarao
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#5. Ant swarming City
City full of dreams
Where in broad day the specter tugs your sleeve
- Author: Charles Baudelaire
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#6. That is what I want to tell you about: the girls with their short skirts and bright eyes and big-city dreams.
The girls of 1929. - Author: Anna Godbersen
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#7. In my dreams of this city I am always lost. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#8. Life is a continuous feeling wherein something you work for it to be happy in terms of your soul. - Author: Fernando Lachica
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#9. They built a city of their dreams, with a thriving gift economy and vibrant culture that encouraged all participants to let loose their wildest, most glorious freak. They weren't protesting; they were celebrating. - Author: Jonathan Talat Phillips
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#10. If you were to ask my agent, they would confirm this: I'm drawn to locations. What really drew me to 'The 4400,' aside from the fact that it was sci-fi, was the fact that it was shot in the city of my dreams: Vancouver. - Author: Billy Campbell
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#11. Ah sweet city of my dreams
Of speed and skill and schemes
Like Atlantis you just disappeared from view
And the hare upon the wire
Has been burnt upon your pyre
Like the black dog that once raced
Out from trap two - Author: Shane MacGowan
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#12. Somehow, the city of promise had become a scrap yard of dreams. But fighters do what they do best when they've - Author: Charlie LeDuff
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#13. Without the queen pulling your strings, you're nothing but thoughts and dreams. Such things are easily destroyed." ~ General Kael, City of Fae #2 - Author: Pippa DaCosta
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#14. The dead are never exactly seen by the living, but many people seem acutely aware of something changed around them. They speak of a chill in the air. The mates of the deceased wake from dreams and see a figure standing at the end of thier bed, or in a doorway, or boarding, phantomlike, a city bus. - Author: Alice Sebold
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#15. I slowly lost any dream for myself. No one warned me of this, that the stars in New York can infect the light inside, that they can trap you in their shadow. Dylan was of course a star. He had achieved the thing we all came to New York wanting. - Author: Hannah Lillith Assadi
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#16. We are symbolic. We are driving to the edge of the city and talking in vague-yet-resolute certainties about our dreams and our futures. We are leaving certain things in the medicine cabinet. We are falling in love. - Author: Pete Wentz
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#17. This is the city of dreamers and time and again it's the place where the greatest dream of all, the American dream, has been tested and has triumphed. - Author: Michael Bloomberg
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#18. I grew up 150-200 miles from any city. You simply didn't have much connection with the outside world. So my dreams were always to get out. It's a familiar kind of thing, I think, for anybody in a small town. - Author: Bobbie Ann Mason
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#19. One of the professors told me last week that he feels bad teaching with the way the economy is now. 'What's the point?' he said. 'Kids aren't getting jobs.' You never hear faculty talk that way. He did. - Author: Daniel Amory
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#20. I'd been in Sacramento a day and already noticed the pervasiveness of its homeless problem. The city seemed like California without the masks or pretense: a place where dreams were occasionally made but mostly torn apart. - Author: Tom Bissell
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#21. She saw Luke, standing atop a pile of bones. Jace with white feathered wings sprouting out of his back, Isabelle sitting naked with her whip curled around her like a net of gold rings, Simon with crosses burned into the palms of his hands. Angels, falling and burning. Falling out of the sky. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#22. A half-equipped little knight she was, venturing to reconnoitre the mysterious city and dreaming wild dreams of some vague, far-off supremacy ... - Author: Theodore Dreiser
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#23. This city can be kind of brutal, so you see your dreams from every different angle, but ultimately it's about acting and if you enjoy acting, you will always enjoy acting. - Author: Radha Mitchell
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#24. A city is not gauged by its length and width, but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams. - Author: Herb Caen
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#25. I really want to live in New York. That's the city of my dreams. - Author: Joel Kinnaman
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#26. You told me once
about how they used
to build whole city states
out of poems
how everything you see here
is made out of
the bones of dreams
how having a stiff
drink with lorca meant
you had to write
everything down right away
lately the words just
won't come - Author: John Dorsey
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#27. Look closely Jane. This is Majesty Park, the city of wonder. Here you are free to dream dreams and follow them wherever they may take you. - Author: Elle Alexander
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#28. The role of the animal messenger in the dreams of modern city-dwellers is often to recall us to our wild side, and the natural path of our energy. - Author: Robert Moss
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#29. Down the dank mouldering paths and past the Ocean's streams they went
and past the White Rock and the Sun's Western Gates and past
the Land of Dreams, and soon they reached the fields of asphodel
where the dead, the burnt-out wraiths of mortals make their home - Author: Homer
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#30. I think L.A.'s terrific. You fly an hour and a half and you're in the mountains in three feet of powder. I also think it's a much better city if you're working as an actor. If you're not working and you don't see your dreams coming true, there can be a lot of heartache. - Author: Scott Patterson
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#31. I was never in love with someone else
I never had somebody waiting on me
'Cause you were all of my dreams come true
And I just wish you knew
Taylor, I was so in love with you. - Author: Owl City
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#32. The attitude of the city on his action was of no importance to him, not because he was going to leave the city, but because any outside attitude on the situation seemed superficial. He was completely indifferent to popular opinion. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#33. Paris. City of love. City of dreams. City of splendour. City of saints and scholars. City of gaiety.
Sink of iniquity.
In two thousand years, Paris had seen it all. - Author: Edward Rutherfurd
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#34. Without the Utopians of other times, men would still live in caves, miserable and naked. It was Utopians who traced the lines of the first City ... Out of generous dreams come beneficial realities. Utopia is the principle of all progress, and the essay into a better future. - Author: Anatole France
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#35. And he was seldom out of sight of the new bridges, which had married beautiful womanly Brooklyn to her rich uncle, Manhattan; had put the city's hand out to the country; and were the end of the past because they spanned not only distance and deep water but dreams and time. - Author: Mark Helprin
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#36. ... my books are derived from city images, and the city of my dreams or nightmares is Mexico City. (The Art of Fiction, No. 68. The Paris Review, No. 82, Winter 1981.) - Author: Carlos Fuentes
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#37. The ultimate [travel destination] for me would be one perfect day in San Francisco. There's no city like it anywhere. And, if I could be there with the girl of my dreams, that would be the ultimate! - Author: Larry King
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#38. Down below people were clipping by going nowhere fast. You could feel the long despairing history of the place. You could actually hear it, a low hum like the buzz of a sick bee that resonated with the fragments of a million broken dreams. - Author: Sol Luckman
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#39. In the year since we brought things into the open with a clean breath of fresh air at City Hall, we have learned about corrupt spending practices and unethical conflicts of interest that waste your money ... and keep Dallas from being the great city of our dreams. - Author: Laura Miller
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#40. So Oxford, at its inception a huddle of theologicians and divines, grew into a city of dreams, and much good may come of that. Little surprise that Middle-earth and Narnia were both discovered here. - Author: Gregory Maguire
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#41. They're too tired for bathing, but they're not too tired for dreams. For dreams, too, are ghosts, desires chased in sleep, gone by morning. The longing of dreams draws the dead, and the city hall to many dreams. - Author: Libba Bray
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