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#1. I was not emotionally mature enough to accept any kind of success when I was young. I needed to go that long route. - Author: Harriet Walter
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#2. The first thing about Houston is it's an organization run from a different perspective. In Cincy, the team lives off money it earns from football. Houston's owner has other business interests, and he controls the money. - Author: Johnathan Joseph
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#3. Hey, nice landing!" Addie called, and I turned to see her standing next to her shuttle, grinning.
I laughed and shrugged my shoulders. "They're all still alive!"
"Sort of a low bar you set for yourself, huh?" Beth asked, playfully punching my shoulder as I helped her out of the shuttle. - Author: Amy Tintera
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#4. It's hard to not make a mistake at Darlington. - Author: Tony Stewart
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#5. Rhythms are relations between what you believe and what you believed before. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#6. There are always far more people in the world who make things worse, rather than help out. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#7. If I'm going to be a leader then I have to go places that other people are afraid to go to. That's what makes a leader. To be not afraid to step out and go over the frontline. To stare darkness right in the face. - Author: R. Kelly
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#8. In Cincy, we're told how much Gatorade we could take home. In Houston, we get what we request. You get soap and deodorant at your request. You don't have a roommate on road trips. - Author: Johnathan Joseph
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#9. The best way to describe my work is comedy in a very, very real way. I'm not scared to look silly on camera. I take everyday situations we all go through and put a very real twist on it - things people can relate to. - Author: Lilly Singh
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#10. Ah. That sounds like dead, if you want my medical opinion. Did you do it?" "No!" "Well, you're a busy man, Sergeant. You can't be everywhere. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#11. People are too keen to follow standard preconceptions of how organisations should work. All too often, we feel that we are unable to make changes and so hope that someone, somewhere in your organisation knows what we are doing and what the overall aim is. - Author: Ricardo Semler
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#12. There is no darkness as dark as a great light corrupted. - Author: Lauren Kate
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#13. What are friends for, if not to help bear our sins? - Author: Nella Larsen
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