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Top 9 Chrism Quotes

#1. Many Jews understand that time is more valuable than money. You can always recover money, but you can never recover time. - Author: H.W. Charles
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#2. Because the fees associated with a reverse mortgage are high, such loans make sense only for borrowers who expect to live in their home for a number of years. - Author: Charles Duhigg
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#3. Ali was a guy that had a lot of discipline. If you hung around him, you'd be able to get some of that discipline that he had. And I learned from that. He was a sweet man. - Author: Larry Holmes
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#4. Tradition, in its essence, is something simultaneously meta-historical and dynamic: it is an overall ordering force in the service of principles that have the chrism of a superior legitimacy (we may even call them 'principles from above'). - Author: Julius Evola
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#5. Anonymity is a wonderful thing if you can hang on to it. I live in Pasadena where we try to keep the movie people out. We discourage them from moving in our neighborhood and if they do we burn effigies on their lawns. - Author: Joe Johnston
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#6. The most important thing is to find people that you enjoy - friends that you enjoy playing music with. - Author: Michael Glawogger
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#7. Thou canst not serve both cod and salmon. - Author: Ada Leverson
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#8. Buddhist scriptures recommend that you hide your good qualities and achievements like a lamp inside a vessel. You should not advertise them unless there is great purpose in doing so. - Author: Dalai Lama XIV
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#9. An uninterrupted view of the Paris skyline was spread out before her, like a giant landscape painting rendered in shades of blue-grey, charcoal and purple-tinted umber; the dreamy palette of shifting shadows at twilight. The blue hour. - Author: Kathleen Tessaro
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