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#1. For 'worship' is an abbreviation of 'worthship'. - Author: John R.W. Stott
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#2. The house of laughter makes a house of woe. - Author: Edward Young
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#3. Life is a very serious business for the simple reason that nobody dies laughing. - Author: Steven Morrissey
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#4. I love to eat - Kit Kats or cookies-and-cream ice cream. I need sugar like five times a day. - Author: Kim Kardashian
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#5. I got the chance to argue my first case in Supreme Court, a criminal case arising in Alabama that involved the right of a defendant to counsel at a critical stage in a capital case before a trial. - Author: Constance Baker Motley
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#6. You can lower yourselves to the level of the beast, but you can also be reborn as a divine creature by the free will of your spirit. Man can become what he likes - subhuman or superhuman, as he wishes. - Author: Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola
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#7. I hold one thing dearer than all else: my commitment to my son. - Author: Chris Gardner
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#8. I actually believe in simplicity as a way of life. My wife and I are considering moving into a yurt! - Author: Joseph Monninger
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#9. If people were rain, I'd be a drizzle and she'd be a hurricane. - Author: John Green
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#10. No simple word
That shall be uttered at our mirthful board,
Shall make us sad next morning; or affright
The liberty that we'll enjoy to-night. - Author: Ben Jonson
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#11. Songwriting is like editing. You write down all this stuff - all this bad, stupid stuff - and then you have to get rid of everything except the very best. - Author: Juliana Hatfield
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#12. What is it about me that other people would change if they could? He - Author: Andy Andrews
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#13. Micro: When his mind detached from his body he saw the murderer stab him repeatedly. Later, he told the detective - who retired. He blamed stress. - Author: Anthony North
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#14. There is fact in every fiction and truth in every lie. - Author: Krisi Keley
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#15. It's a thing of violence, to whom death would be a merciful release. - Author: Edward T. Lowe Jr.
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