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Top 13 Changing Organizations Quotes

#1. The demand of the loveless and the self-imprisoned that they should be allowed to blackmail the universe: that till they consent to be happy (on their own terms) no one else shall taste joy: that theirs should be the final power; that Hell should be able to veto Heaven. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#2. Fear feeds the worst in all of us. It drives the most despicable of our natures to the surface. - Author: Joe Hart
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#3. Networks do not offer a miracle drug, a strategy that makes you invincible in any business environment. The truly important role networks play is in helping existing organizations adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. The very concept of network implies a multidimensional approach. - Author: Albert-Laszlo Barabasi
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#4. The real secret of happiness is not what you give or what you receive, it's what you share. - Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher
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#5. Ignoring men, whether romantically or rhetorically, is existential violence to them. - Author: Jessica Valenti
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#6. Changing organizations comes down to changing human behavior. - Author: Gregory P. Shea
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#7. I need to get into the water, to clear my head. - Author: Erika Swyler
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#8. Organizations can't change their culture unless individual employees change their behavior - and changing behavior is hard. - Author: Keith Ferrazzi
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#9. There are so many things that we could do to change the world in so many aspects. There are people working in nonprofit organizations, tackling the issues that we so desperately need to face, while governments fail so appallingly. - Author: Annie Lennox
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#10. A number of organizations are already using Web GIS to create shared information and facilitate collaboration, and it is literally changing the way organizations operate. - Author: Jack Dangermond
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#11. The hardest part of continuous improvement in organizations is changing the behavior of other people. - Author: Jurgen Appelo
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#12. If change and growth are not programmed into your spirituality, if there are not serious warnings about the blinding nature of fear and fanaticism, your religion will always end up worshiping the status quo and protecting your present ego position and personal advantage as if it were God. - Author: Richard Rohr
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#13. Organizations that destroy the status quo win. Whatever the status quo is, changing it gives you the opportunity to be remarkable. - Author: Seth Godin
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