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#1. Women are the guardians of morality. - Author: Michel, 14th Prince Of Ligne
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#2. Photography started as a means of getting reference material for my paintings of nature subjects. - Author: Nigel Dennis
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#3. Corporations are social institutions. If they don't serve society, they have no business existing - Author: Henry Mintzberg
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#4. We are at the beginning of a new era of immunochemistry, namely the production of "antibody based" molecules. - Author: Cesar Milstein
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#5. When I was doing ensemble theater and comedy work, I felt I had some talents. But when I started doing my shows in Berkeley and found that I could be funny on my own, I was shocked. - Author: Whoopi Goldberg
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#6. I wasn't a particularly brilliant student, but on the other hand, I was very active in Student Union affairs and in student politics. - Author: Cesar Milstein
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#7. My father was a Jewish immigrant who settled in Argentina and was left to his own devices at the age of 15. My mother was a teacher, herself the daughter of a poor immigrant family. - Author: Cesar Milstein
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#8. Although the way ahead [for immunology] is full of pitfalls and difficulties, this is indeed an exhilarating prospect. There is no danger of a shortage of forthcoming excitement in the subject. Yet, as always, the highlights of tomorrow are the unpredictabilities of today. - Author: Cesar Milstein
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#9. When an animal is infected, either naturally or by experimental injection, with a bacterium, virus, or other foreign body, the animal recognises this as an invader and acts in such a way as to remove or destroy it. - Author: Cesar Milstein
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#10. What attracted me to immunology was that the whole thing seemed to revolve around a very simple experiment: take two different antibody molecules and compare their primary sequences. - Author: Cesar Milstein
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#11. Stop determining your worth and value by what other people say. Be determined by what the Word of God (scriptures)says. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#12. He turns around to tend to the pasta like he didn't just ruin me for any other guy for the rest of my life. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#13. I did not have an unlimited library to choose from on Robben Island. We had access to many unremembered mysteries and detective novels and all the works of Daphne du Maurier, but little more. - Author: Nelson Mandela
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#14. I liked Jim Carrey from the very beginning. - Author: Robert Forster
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#15. So, when the special effects are at the service of the story and draw you into it, that is really the magic. - Author: Bill Sienkiewicz
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#16. I learned what research was all about as a research student [with] Stoppani ... Max Perutz, and ... Fred Sanger ... From them, I always received an unspoken message which in my imagination I translated as 'Do good experiments, and don't worry about the rest. - Author: Cesar Milstein
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#17. The study of the amino acid sequence around the disulphide bonds of the immunoglobulins was my own short-cut to the understanding of antibody diversity. - Author: Cesar Milstein
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#18. My thesis was on kinetics studies with the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase. When that was finished, I was granted a British Council Fellowship to work under the supervision of Malcolm Dixon. - Author: Cesar Milstein
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#19. Back in 1962, when I had by accident become the supervisor of Roberto Celis in Argentina, it occurred to me that antibody diversity might arise from the joining by disulphide bridges of a variety of small polypeptides in combinatorial patterns. - Author: Cesar Milstein
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#20. As we returned to Argentina, I started seriously to work towards a doctoral degree under the direction of Professor Stoppani, the Professor of Biochemistry at the Medical School. - Author: Cesar Milstein
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