Top 18 Catch My Drift Sayings

#1. I want a woman to love me for me and not just for my piggly diggly ... You catch my drift?

Bruno Mars

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#2. Texting and driving at the same time is like jerking off and juggling at the same time. Too many balls in the air, if you catch my drift.

Robin Williams

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#3. Oh, we're all sluts. I'm liberated enough to cut me some notches on my bedpost, if you catch my drift? No, those girls are shallow. It's why they have to work in a flock. They can't go solo because their fragile egos can't handle the stress. I have no patience for weak girls

Bijou Hunter

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#4. You've picked up a rummy habit," James Banister said cordially as they approached one another. "Sort of a crouch. You look a bit ... well, I'm sorry, but you look a bit Victor Hugo, if you catch my drift. Would you like to adjourn to a cathedral or something?

Nick Harkaway

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#5. Don't stop and drift in the middle of the traffic lane, even if the fish are biting. The fish you catch might weigh many tons and have a propeller on the end and a bulbous bow on the other.

John W. Trimmer

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#6. I try to write fun - though difficult and challenging - things for actors to do, because I know if they're having fun, they're going to give it everything they got.

Tracy Letts

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#7. What I wouldn't give to find a soul mate, someone else to catch this drift.

Alanis Morissette

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#8. As far as I'm concerned, I want to remain the mean little man I always was.

Jack Levine

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#9. 'When there's time for everything, there's value in nothing.'

Vicki Pettersson

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#10. Turning something into low resolution data does seem to make it worth less in the modern world.

Pete Townshend

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#11. God is not a thing to be achieved, but a thing to be.

Sri Chinmoy

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#12. I was born to catch dragons in their dens / And pick flowers / To tell tales and laugh away the morning / To drift and dream like a lazy stream / And walk barefoot across sunshine days.

James Kavanaugh

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#13. Passion is more developed than discovered.

Dan Miller

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#14. I long for a kind of quiet where I can just drift and dream. I always say getting inspiration is like fishing. If you're quiet and sitting there and you have the right bait, you're going to catch a fish eventually. Ideas are sort of like that. You never know when they're going to hit you.

David Lynch

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#15. I do not believe that the government is in any position to say exactly how every single business and every single activity shall reach those performances.

Dixie Lee Ray

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#16. Art lives where absolute freedom is because when it is not, there can be no creativity.

Bruce Lee

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#17. If a man has to ask for your trust, it's a sure sign that you should not give it. Trust should be earned inherently, without any verbal demands. Trust is knowing a man's character, knowing truth, and relying on that character and truth even when the odds seem against you.

Anne Elisabeth Stengl

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#18. Couldn't you see me and you stretched out in a bikini on the beach in Tahiti?
See, me, I'm very selective even though I could be greedy;
My main objective is to write our names together in graffiti.

Pharoahe Monch

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