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#1. Praise a fool, and slay him; for the canvas of his vanity is spread; His bark is shallow in the water, and a sudden gust shall sink it: Praise a wise man, and speed him on his way; for he carrieth the ballast of humility, And is glad when his course is cheered by the sympathy of brethren ashore.

Martin Farquhar Tupper

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#2. Good is good, but better carrieth it.

Henry George Bohn

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#3. And that all seas are made calme and still with oile; and therefore the Divers under the water doe spirt and sprinkle it abroad with their mouthes because it dulceth and allaieth the unpleasant nature thereof, and carrieth a light with it.

Pliny The Elder

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#4. The way of painful duty is the way of fullest comfort. Christ carrieth all our comforts in his hand : if we are out of that way where Christ is to be met, we are out of the way where comfort is to be had (312).

Richard Baxter

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#5. A fool hath no dialogue within himself, the first thought carrieth him without the reply of a second.

E. F. L. Wood, 1st Earl Of Halifax

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#6. Chaucer followed Nature everywhere, but was never so bold to go beyond her.

John Dryden

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#7. If the lords of the underworld can't bring me out of this funk, no one can.

Stacey O'Neale

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#8. Religion is the organized attempt to understand spiritual experience, to interpret it with words and concepts, and to use this interpretation as the source of moral guidelines for the religious community.

Fritjof Capra

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#9. The moral spectacle of capitalism still offends, as does American capitalism's implacable insistence that the market determine value even in the political, intellectual, and artistic spheres.

William Pfaff

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#10. As I pedal down the street ... the city blocks peel away like pages in a book I'm rifling through to find a single, highlighted sentence.

Hilary T. Smith

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#11. I think that we see Steve Jobs as the genius speaker in the mock black turtleneck with the round glasses, sort of beautifully delivering his new product, and I think that for people to understand that he started in a garage.

Joshua Michael Stern

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#12. Oneness is inner silence, which remains undisturbed by external factors. This silence is not the opposite of noise. That is inner Oneness.

Kalki Bhagavan

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#13. Part of the triumph of modernist poetry is, indeed, to have demonstrated the great extent to which verse can do without explicit meaning and yet not sacrifice anything essential to its effect as art. Here, as before, successful art can be depended upon to explain itself.

Clement Greenberg

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#14. People are so brainwashed by the rules that they don't know what really matters.

Mick Jagger

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#15. Content is fire and social media is gasoline.

Jay Baer

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#16. No mud can soil us but the mud we throw.

James Russell Lowell

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#17. This country is about, in my judgment, aggressive, open debate. There is an old saying: When everyone is thinking the same thing, no one is thinking very much.

Byron Dorgan

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#18. Don't move. Just die over and over. Don't anticipate. Nothing can save you now because you have only this moment. Not even enlightenment will help you now because there are no other moments. With no future, be true to yourself and express yourself fully. Don't move.

Shunryu Suzuki

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#19. When Israel, of the Lord belov'd, Out of the land of bondage came, Her fathers' God before her mov'd, An awful guide in smoke and flame.

Walter Scott

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