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Top 31 Car Wreck Quotes

#1. I grew up around poets and novelists and my dad wrote poems about everything - from a cat sleeping in a window to a car wreck he passed on the highway. I learned not to censor myself: that was one of things I learned in my apprenticeship, my creative-writing apprenticeship with my dad. - Author: Lucinda Williams
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#2. People in retail banks are not smart. They have a business model that's quite difficult to not make money out of - but still they somehow manage it. - Author: Peter Hargreaves
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#3. I recorded a song called, I Fall to Pieces, and I was in a car wreck. Now I'm worried because I have a brand-new record, and it's called Crazy! - Author: Patsy Cline
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#4. Kurt went from an unknown to icon of a generation. It was like crashing your car and having everyone cheer you on as you crawl out of the wreck. - Author: Nicolas Otero
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#5. I lost my brother in a car wreck when I was 14 years old. When I decided I wanted to be a country singer, my dad always told me, 'Son, you should write a song about your brother.' - Author: Blake Shelton
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#6. Samuel laughed out loud. You still haven't figured it out, have you, Mercy? He never was mad about the car. He was the first one at the scene of the accident. He thought you'd killed yourself. We all did. That was a pretty spectacular wreck. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#7. I drank a lot when I was a teenager and I don't drink any more, because that's when I thought, you know, I'm gonna end up a car wreck. - Author: Kristin Davis
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#8. ...methinks the older that one grows,
Inclines us more to laugh the scold, though laughter
Leaves us so doubly serious shortly after. - Author: George Gordon Byron
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#9. A bad sermon is like a car wreck - everyone slows down to see what happened. - Author: John Ortberg
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#10. She didn't even look towards me as I went out. I went out into the crisp fall sunlight and got into my car. I was a nice boy, trying to get along. Yes, I was a swell guy. I liked knowing myself. I was the kind of guy who chiseled a sodden old wreck out of her life secrets to win a ten-dollar bet. - Author: Raymond Chandler
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#11. I wanted to end my life so bad and was in my car ready to go down that ramp into the water, and I did go part way, but I stopped. I went again and stopped. I then got out of the car and stood by the car a nervous wreck. - Author: Susan Smith
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#12. Screw the dialogue, let's wreck some cars. - Author: Hal Needham
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#13. Put two idiot drivers together at a traffic light and you're gonna have a car wreck. - Pop - Krill America - Author: Ray Palla
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#14. And we want car wrecks. We say we don't. But we love them. To look is to love. A thousand people drive past the statue of David. Two hundred look. A thousand people drive past a car wreck. A thousand look. - Author: Jess Walter
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#15. The Value of Sun shine is just because of the existence of Darkness
-Samar Sudha - Author: Samar Sudha
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#16. Man was, therefore, still a prisoner on his own planet. It was much fairer, but a much smaller, planet than it had been a century before. When the Overlords abolished war and hunger and disease, they had also abolished adventure. - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
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#17. Those youngsters go out there and set a record and clinch the pole position. But what do you do if you wreck your car. That record doesn't spend too well. - Author: Buck Baker
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#18. Get wreck in the kitchen like she on the Cooking Channel,
And then hide the heat in the car door ...
God damn, she's a mother-to-be, ya hope for twins,
Give me a whole tribe!
And be as sexy as Janet was on the cover of Vibe. - Author: Sadat X
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#19. Before I got in the car, I was puking all over the place and on the grid. I was just a shaking wreck. - Author: James Hunt
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#20. In the real world, if you're in a car chase, you're going to hit a million things and your car is going to end up a total wreck by the end. - Author: Doug Liman
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#21. He had this great curiosity. If there was a car wreck and Walter saw it, it would be like the first car wreck he ever saw in his life. - Author: Bob Schieffer
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#22. I don't want to be an oddity, a freak, or a curiosity. I don't want to be the car wreck that people slow down to gawk at. - Author: Damien Echols
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#23. Deep within the heart of every evangelist lies the wreck of a car salesman. - Author: H.L. Mencken
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#24. Death says a million words that the heart can't pen. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#25. I don't know why, but whenever I'd look at Amber, all determined and long-legged, I'd imagine her climbing out of a car wreck while the slow, sluggish passengers burned inside. - Author: Rebecca Godfrey
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#26. What are we going to do?" asked the Professor.
"At this moment," said Syme, with a scientific detachment, "I think we are going to smash into a lamppost. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#27. A professional is one who believes he has invented breathing. - Author: Peter Porter
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#28. Most people are one car wreck away from needing somebody's help. So, I don't take anything for granted much anymore. - Author: Lindsey Graham
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#29. My interior was a wreck, a car crash, a plane crash, a family tragedy, financial misfortune. My body was sitting tight but my soul was not. - Author: Jordan Krall
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#30. Pay attention to the road, Sensei. I know how you prefer to look at me while I'm blowing you, but I don't want to die choking on your dick after you wreck your fancy car. - Author: Lorelei James
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#31. When his rolls royce was mobbed by fans the chauffeur said:
'do you want me to get them off the car?'
and Lennon replied: 'No - they paid for it, they can wreck it - Author: John Lennon
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