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#1. Despite the opposition, trials, and temptations, you need not fail or fear. - Author: Boyd K. Packer
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#2. That was my concept from the beginning - a crazy caper that's a parable for what happens in the absence of regulation. - Author: Jake Halpern
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#3. I told you again that you were the reason Adam ate the apple and its core. That when he left Eden, he left a rich man. Not only did he have Eve, but he had the taste of the first apple in the world in his mouth for the rest of his life. - Author: Toni Morrison
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#4. I think prejudice has gotten to a point where a lot of people hold biases in their mind and don't even realize that they're doing it, because it's deeply ingrained in the fabric of what it means to be an American. - Author: Keith Stanfield
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#5. Every human endeavor has leaders and followers, and your job as a leader is to inspire. - Author: Colin Powell
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#6. A sparrow's heart beats four hundred and sixty times a minute. A man's, just seventy-eight. But sometimes, at night, my heart approached sparrow speed. This happened when the darkness crept into my bed and wrapped itself around my feet. - Author: Jenny Offill
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#7. The great mystery of our metaphysical situation, that God is nearer to us than we are ourselves, is manifest in the fact that we cannot even be wholly ourselves - in the sense of individuality as a unique divine thought - until we are reborn in Christ. - Author: Dietrich Von Hildebrand
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#8. Mom knew damned well how disgusting the bastard was but she had that incredible ability found in so many minds like hers to simply ignore all the evidence in favor of her personal view of the world. And - Author: Larry Correia
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#9. Everyone's their own nation, with their own blog. Because everybody has something important to say; everybody's putting out press releases on what they ate for breakfast. It's the era of self-importance. - Author: Tom Rachman
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#10. Mineral cactai, quicksilver lizards in the adobe walls, the bird that punctures space, thirst, tedium, clouds of dust, impalpable epiphanies of wind. The pines taught me to talk to myself. In that garden I learnedto send myself off. Later there were no gardens. - Author: Octavio Paz
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