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#1. Laughter is the jam on the toast of life. It adds flavor, keeps it from being too dry, and makes it easier to swallow.

Diane Johnson

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#2. Chile could work as a double for L.A.; it's very production-friendly and there's terrific talent down there.

Eli Roth

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#3. Don't look for a soul mate.
Make one
out of the complex fabric of the human being already with you.
Instructions are never included. They vary with the strength of your ability to see, the measure of your selective blindness, the limits of your mercy, and the intensity of your desire.

Vera Nazarian

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#4. There are periods where you think, "What am I doing?" or "What am I doing it for?"; that's a more scary question. "I've made s - -loads of money, I've left my mark in music, why am I still doing this?," and it takes a while to answer that question.

Noel Gallagher

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#5. Love is an old invention but it is one that is always new. Make the most of it.

Victor Hugo

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#6. I feel, having the choices I had, I felt I had more control over my own medium than I did over photography.

Ben Shahn

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#7. I watched 'Full House.' I loved 'Full House.'

Chord Overstreet

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#8. Harmony is the inner cadence of contentment we feel when the melody of life is in tune.

Sarah Ban Breathnach

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#9. Cacophony of typewriter keys being pounded and typewriter carriages returning, phones ringing, men yelling and coughing, electric fans here and there droning as they hacked the unbearable heat into intolerable hot tufts.

Richard Flanagan

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You're the guy with the things, and the thing that does that thing, and then you did that one thing!
Oh, and I think there's something about other things, and maybe you fix things?
-Sergeant Schlock

Howard Tayler

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#11. Net neutrality has been in place since the very beginning of the Internet.

Al Franken

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#12. LOST 2 Irish Hellhounds. Very black, like bear. Huge, like bear. Answer to Alvin and Mohammed. Like to eat everything. Like bear! REWARD!

Christopher Moore

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