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#1. ... Our sunsets have been reduced to wavelengths and frequencies. The complexities of the universe have been shredded into mathematical equations. Even our self-worth as human beings has been destroyed.

Dan Brown

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#2. People can only make you inferior with your consent.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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#3. I mention my age because I find people in this country - women, not men, of course - women are so troubled by their age. There's a culture of youth, and it's a phony culture.

Teresa Heinz

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#4. These folk are hewers of trees and hunters of beasts; therefore we are their unfriends, and if they will not depart we shall afflict them in all ways that we can.

J.R.R. Tolkien

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#5. When he died, I think she did, too, it just took longer time for her body to realize her heart and mind were already dead.

Jasinda Wilder

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#6. Who among us is free? Only those who see their chains know what freedom means.-pg. 123 Welland Hevington, A Memoir The Demon's Daughter

Emma Holly

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#7. Christ came down to save us from a terrible hell, and any man who is cast down to hell from here must go in the full blaze of the gospel, and over the mangled body of the Son of God.

Dwight L. Moody

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#8. To open up the new, to look back on the old may bring forth like discoveries in the practice of art.

Eudora Welty

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#9. If I know a guy who's a really good improvisational actor, I'd be foolish not to let him because he'll come up with goodies and all kinds of little freebies that you get.

Rob Reiner

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#10. It takes a special kind of person to fight back.

Terry Pratchett

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#11. Most of humanity, he said, have eyes that are so caked shut with the dust of deception they will never see the truth, no matter who tries to help them.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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#12. We are, at our core, information pack rats and inveterate correlators.

David Brin

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#13. Within the immense ocean of galaxies and stars we are in a remote corner; amidst the infinite arabesques of forms which constitute reality we are merely a flourish among innumerably many such flourishes.

Carlo Rovelli

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#14. But all this world is like a tale we hear - Men's evil, and their glory, disappear.

Abolqasem Ferdowsi

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#15. She did not know many beautiful animals that had sweet tempers, except perhaps butterflies. Then again, there wasn't enough to a butterfly to properly be called a temper. That options did an angry butterfly have, anyway? Stamping eylashed-sized feet? Flapping its wings in a sarcastic manner?

T. Kingfisher

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