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#1. Just as there can be a hole in these narratives, a memoir can be as much about what's forgotten as what's remembered. - Author: Jane Alison
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#2. We have to acknowledge peace is in danger and mankind still has not realised the priority to be given to world dialogue versus armed contradiction and bloodshed. - Author: Nursultan Nazarbayev
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#3. On the surface we all act like we all love each other and we're free and easy, and actually we're far more moralistic than any other society I've ever lived in. - Author: Kathy Acker
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#4. well-worn Victorian settee covered in burgundy sateen, - Author: Susan Kandel
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#5. I do believe that you can never know yourself let alone the person next to you let alone the person halfway across the world. Yet at the same time I believe there is nothing like fiction to fully thrust you into someone else s consciousness. - Author: Nam Le
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#6. When I go into rehearsal rooms and meet with bands, they're genuinely excited to be with me because of what I've done as an artist, not because of anything else. There's that whole celebrity rock star thing, and artists are into artists who have been able to achieve success their way. - Author: Nikki Sixx
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#7. Here's the good news. If I realize that I'm insane, then I'm okay with it. I'm not dangerous insane. - Author: Charlie Sheen
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#8. My dad had a retail business in Leavenworth, Kansas, and there's a whole bunch of prisons there, so it was a backdrop of my childhood, these ominous prisons sitting off the road. - Author: Eric Stonestreet
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#9. Box held seven hammered-gold rings, each as thin as manila paper, to be worn stacked. And he had gotten himself a ring too, - Author: Piper Kerman
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#10. Well, of all the bacon-brained, sapskulled, squirish, buffle-headed nodcocks! - Author: Patricia C. Wrede
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